Connecting DISH system through UDC to Main TV


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Just tried connecting by new DISH King Tailgater through the UDC to the main TV in my living room in my 3270RS Big Horn. Followed the instructions in the UDC as to which connection to hook to (second from right) Nothing. Then tried the other three coax connections in the UDC, nothing. Inside the cabinet above the TV (see photo) in the top cover plate is the three (yellow, red, white) sound connections and the HDMI connection below them. The second cover plate has two coax connections, the only ones in this area. The bottom connection connects the TV to normal cable and over the air TV watching. The top one was not used and I am assuming it is designed for satellite connection. That is what I used when hooking up the DISH satellite to no avail while changing the connections in the UDC. I eventually ran to coax from the dish through the slide and directly to the Wally receiver. That worked. So my questions are: Did I make the above connections correctly? If not, where did I go wrong? I really don't want to have to run the coax through the slide each time I want to set up the system. So if the coax wiring is messed up in my rig, how would I go about doing a direct connection (running new cable) to the receiver without going through the slide? Hate pulling down the coroplast and finding a way to feed the cable into the living area. Any ideas? Photos of areas attached.


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I have a 3270. In the cabinet above the TV, the bottom connection ( on mine ) is for the satellite. Top for over the air/cable. HDMI connects to the back of the satellite receiver. On my TV the satellite is HDMI 2.


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I second David's post. I have a different model, and could not make sense of all the splitters they buried, so I ran new coax in hole I drilled in roof (some have used vent pipe) got into a wall, went down to garage, then picked up a coax I knew was a straight shot to main tv using similar device.
Good luck.


The best way to trace your cable connections is with volt meter. Turn on your dish system and check for DC voltage at the coax. Should be 12 to 14 volts DC, plug it into the wall and now check for the same voltage in the UDC. Then hook up the cable and ensure you have voltage at your Tailgater. The dome need voltage to work.


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Thanks everyone for your replies. The initial setup of the DISH with the provided coax and following the instructions provided seemed to hang up and would eventually stop the setup before acquiring a signal. Once I put the coax through the slide from the outside, the initial setup went fine and I connected to the channel lineup. So today I retried reconnecting through the UDC satellite jack input into the top coax connector above the TV and everything worked fine. So it must have been an initial setup problem. Everything is as it should be now and I am a happy camper.