Dish Network has abandoned the 129 degrees satellite (Without announcing it)


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I have been a Dish Network customer for about 20 years, first at home, then eventually fulltiming in the Bighorn. Last night when I was awake at the time of the 3 am scheduled reboot, I routinely went to check the signal level on the 3 standard Western Satellites - 110 degrees, 119 degrees, and 129 degrees. I was greatly concerned and dismayed when the listing of available satellites you scroll through to check them DID NOT HAVE THE 129 DEGREE SATELLITE LISTED!!! I did a power off reboot several times, but the 129 degrees satellite did not appear on the listings. I checked the received channels and everything seemed to be there. I tried to call Dish tech support, but they were closed for the night. I called Dish tech support this morning and was told that ALL the programming is now on the 2 other satellites (110 degrees and 119 degrees), AND THAT THE 129 SATELLITE HAS BEEN RETIRED. The tech support person said that "a corporate decision" had been made not to inform the users of this. I get advertising e-mails from them all the time, and I don't know why they couldn't send this info out, especially to us RVers who re-link our receivers to the satellites often. I set my system up 2 weeks ago when I arrived here, and will be doing that again when I move in a week. Good to learn that I won't have to be freaking out about the missing 129 degrees satellite then.


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Great info...just checked ours and it too is only the 110 & 119 satellites....thank you!
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