Driving Through 2-3 foot water flows on roadway


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Due to heavy local rains, I have been trapped at Thousand Trails Pio Pico RV park, east of Chula Vista, California since Monday. Officially Otay Lakes Road eastbound is closed just in front of the park at a permanent dip/ford about 40 feet wide and about 2-3 feet deep right now. People have just been driving around the barriers (including the CHP and Border Patrol) and through the flows. County roads has unofficially recognized this by having front loaders dig out the runoff river rock from the concrete roadway surface. I have seen compact cars get stuck trying to drive on the sandbars. I have seen smaller trucks pull travel trailers through this. I am worrying about water intrusion into trailer and truck wheel bearings from these short immersions.

I don't have to move out my Bighorn for another 11 days, and we have weather predictions of dry weather for that period. I am hoping that the water flows coming out of the high backcountry hill area ebbs by then for me, and the water levels on the road recede. I DO have a need to meet up with my post heart transplant daughter in metropolitan San Diego, so I must drive my truck through this a few times (twice each trip out/back). Should I be worried about my wheel bearings in my Ram 1 ton (dually 2 wheel drive diesel)? Should I NOT make these visit trips, 1 today and 2 next week?

What is the opinion of Heartlanders in the normally wetter parts of the U.S. who encounter this problem more often?



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Three feet deep, I would not because that would be halfway up the door and may be able to float the truck. I would also be concerned of water that deep getting into the breather for the engine, in thru the door seals and getting water inside the truck.


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24 inches of slow moving water on a solid roadbed... no problems IF you drive slow. those that think faster is better are the ones you usually see stalled out...


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2-3 foot water levels on the roadway was what I have been seeing since Monday.
When I went out to the road today at noon, it was 1-2 inches deep.
Problem gone.
Still have to drive between "Road Closed" and "Flooded" signs out on the roadway.