Edge M22 slide out is rotted!


Hello all, I had my camper in storage for a couple years under a cover, and the past week I went back to retrieve it and bring it home. It was under an RV cover while in storage but somehow the slideout floor must have gotten wet, and the wood underneath is all rotted! So bad that the slideout sags a bit which is noticeable when moving it in and out. I'm not sure why or when water got in, but I have to get the floor replaced now. Do you think this is something that insurance would cover? How much am I looking for repair costs if I do this myself?


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Covered by insurance, that would depend on what your policy covers. Possibility it would be covered. As far as the cost, it would be hard to estimate without knowing the amount of damage. Does the damage go up the walls, do the walls need to be replaced or repaired? With the floor being bad, the water had to get down there somehow, it would lead you to think down the walls.

But the slide will need to come out of the rig.