Electric awnings not working


We have a brand new 2021 Landmark 365 and are out on our maiden trip. On day one the awnings worked perfectly. On day 3 two of the three awnings worked but the awing above the door was glitchy and wouldn't stop going out and started rolling back in. I did finally get it working properly but it wasn't anything I did besides exit that menu screen and then re open it. We are now on day 4 and now none of the awnings work. The secondary control buttons on the dining room slide also do not work the awnings.

Any thoughts on what could be the problem? I have attached a picture of our control unit to be helpful.


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I did find that a fuse was blown but that only restored number one and two. Number three still isn't working. We are on shore power, we have 13.5 volts DC and all three worked perfectly at home and on day one. Due to the height of the awning it looks like I will need a ladder to take a look and or take it to a dealer for warranty.
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