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We've set up a 2011 Big Country semi-permanently on our property on a pad with water and sewer connections and extended 50 amp service from the house panel. We had rather erratic power almost from the start but only recently installed a Progressive Industries surge protector (EMS-PT50X) - my bad! Anyway, my shore power connection isn't good - the house panel is old and I need to replace it. I also have a good stand-alone generator that I use for power until the shore power issue is resolved.

My problem is that I've lost power in half of the outlets/appliances even using a known, good power source (generator noted above). The attached pdf shows which outlets/appliances are good and which aren't. All lights work, too. From other threads in this area, I think I need to begin checking each circuit on the main inside circuit breaker panel. My question to this group is for suggestions on where I'm likely to find the problem.

Thanks in advance for your help - I've learned heaps from this forum and the manuals.
Pat Cheatham
Newnan, GA/Glenville, NC
2011 Heartland Big County
2005 Freightliner M2 w/CAT power


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The first thing I would do is check the source. Do you have power on both legs going to your coach? Coming out of your EMS?
Then check your breaker panel. Did you reset the main breaker(s)? Use your meter to check the incoming power to the main breaker(s).
I suspect you will find your problem in one of those areas.



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As Dave suggested, start at the pedestal. If you have a detachable shore power cord, make sure it's locked in place at the RV end. If you have a powered cord reel, you could have a problem with the contacts there, but before taking it apart, you'd want to check power further downstream.

If your trailer has generator prep, there's an automatic transfer switch. You may have lost one side by way of a bad connection. Same possibility on the back side of the main circuit breaker panel.

Investigate these areas with power disconnected.

Our Electrical User Guide may be helpful.


No, not yet. The outlet that should be the prime suspect (bath beside sink) doesn't have the usual GFI configuration. In our trailer (used but new to us) that outlet is exterior to the bath wall and doesn't have test/reset buttons.