EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: AL, South Foley - 4/23/2021 to 4/25/2021

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Alabama Chapter Leaders

  • Anchors Aweigh
  • 19814 County Road 20
  • South Foley, AL 36535
  • Anne Stephens 251-971-6644
  • https://anchorsaweighrvresort.com/
  • Pets ok?: Yes
  • Golf carts allowed?: Yes
  • Golf Cart restrictions?:
  • Golf Cart fees?:

  • From: 4/23/2021 to: 4/25/2021
  • Number of sites held: 20
  • Register by end of day 4/9/2021
  • Site fee: $45 per night.
  • Club Member Event fee:
  • Non-Heartland Brand fee: 20
  • Potluck: Yes
  • Potluck date: April 23
  • Potluck time: 4:30pm


Additional Info:
Call the campground directly to reserve your site. Contact Anne Stephens at 251-971-6644.
Let her know if you prefer back-in, pull-through, handicap site, or close to restrooms, etc.
They are blocking off the section directly across from the Rec Hall where we will be meeting.


Friday 4/23
4:30 - Meet and Greet
Dinner provided, sponsored by White Sands RV
Dinner is BBQ pulled pork, smoked chicken, baked beans, mac n cheese
If anyone wants any additional sides or desserts feel free to bring whatever you would like.

Saturday 4/24
No scheduled events. Enjoy the car show, shopping, beach, and resort!
We do have access to the Rec Hall for the entire weekend so if anyone wants to put on any card games, hangouts, etc. in the Rec Hall just let everyone know in this event thread or during the Meet N Greet on Friday.

Sunday 4/25
8:30 - Hot breakfast provided by the Club
50/50 Raffle
Farewells and see you next times!

The Bama Coast Cruisin' car show in town which is free to the public. HOME - Bama Coast Cruisin'

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please don't hesitate to contact me. We look forward to meeting you all there.

#NameHOC #DatesSiteShirt Size
1Josh and Shawn (CL)77414/18-4/2563L, L
2Jerry and Lily15424/22-4/25
3Ricky and Rachel (MS CL)26724/19-4/257XL, XL
4Hayden and Gigi (NC CL)33574/19/4/256L, XXL
5Joe and Bev Hugener74244/22-4/26L, L
6Jeff and Nora (FL CL)4/22-4/26
7Marlene and Gary16214/18-4/2537XL, XL
8Bobby and Linda Eanes (TN CL)11534/19-4/2562
9Martha and Henry26354/19-4/2545L, XL
10Bill and Chris4/18-4/2550L, L
11Kim and Dottie19774/19-4/26
12Don and Cindy (OH CL)27574/19-4/2573L, XXL
13Lewis and Jo Anne21854/22-4/25
14James and Rhonda4/20-4/26
16Don and Joann Kettlewell (MI CL)4/19-4/25
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North Carolina Chapter Leaders
Reservations have been made for 19-25 Apr 21 we’re on site# 6.

Hayden & Gigi

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I was at the office this morning talking to Ann about the Alabama rally.
She told me, that was the only weekend she had open in April because the rest of the month she had other rallies scheduled.
She said she is happy to have y’all.
I think you will like it here, I know we do.
Warrstang331 will like their site #6, that’s called an Admiral site, twice as big as the others, yard wise & patio, maybe a hair longer also.
I see our name on the list, as of now we have not committed to this rally.
I will talk to Ann Monday and see if I can stay on my present site an extra month.
We have been here since 28 December and normally leave 1 April.



Mississippi Chapter Leaders
We are registered for your rally. We will be coming in on April 19 and leaving on the 25th. We were assigned to site 7. HOC # 2672. See y’all in Mississippi!


Bill and Chris Jordan from Brighton, MI will be attending your AL rally. We are on site #50 and already here in AL at Anchors Aweigh. We can be reached at 810-299-1346..


Staff member
Bill and Chris Jordan from Brighton, MI will be attending your AL rally. We are on site #50 and already here in AL at Anchors Aweigh. We can be reached at 810-299-1346..
Your post says your from MI but your profile says MO.
Which one needs editing?

Dave, I told her to go into settings and change it, she told me about it yesterday.
They are from Michigan
They are across from us at Anchors Aweigh in Foley, Alabama.


'Lil Guy'

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Debbie and I have made our reservation at the park. Arriving on the 19th and departing on the 25th. Our site #is 44. Looking forward to attending this rally.
We are extending our Winter Stay here at Anchors so we can attend the rally.
Mark us up on site #37 please.
Marlene & Gary Hock
HOC #1621



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Just made my reservation with the park, will arrive on the 19th and leave on the 25th. They say I will be in site 46.

George Speir


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Please put Pat and Elaine Poole down for your rally. We will arrive April 19th and leave the 26th. The park wouldn’t give me a site number. Thanks!


Alabama Chapter Leaders
Hi everyone! I'm so excited to see all of these reservations coming through. As we get closer to the rally date I'm starting to get everything finalized. As of right now we're still planning on having a Meet & Greet at 4:30 on Friday followed by dinner. This dinner will be provided, so we do not plan on having a potluck dinner. We will have access to the Rec Hall for the entire weekend so if anyone wants to use it to socialize, play games, etc then you can certainly do that.

Also, I was thinking of having shirts made for the rally if anyone would be interested? Short sleeve shirts will most likely cost around $10 each if we have enough people interested. If you would like a shirt you can reply in this thread or you can message or email me directly with the size shirt you would like.

If anyone has any questions leading up to the event please let me know. If you have suggestions for food for Friday evening or any other activities you would like to see please reach out to me.

We will be attending the TN and MS rallies as well so maybe we will see some of you at those events prior to the Alabama rally. I look forward to seeing you all down the road!


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We will be attending your rally in April. Arriving at campground 4/19 and leaving 4/26. When we made reservations with campground we were not given a site number. Looking forward to April’s rally.


Ohio Chapter Leaders
Hi Josh and Shawn,

We made Reservations for your Rally arriving 4/19 and departing 4/25. We are on site 73. If you order T shirts we will take one Large and one XXLarge. Thanks.
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