EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: BC, Merritt - 9/10/2010 to 9/13/2010

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  • Claybanks RV Park
  • 1300 Voght Street
  • Merritt, BC V1K 1B8
  • Rosemary 1 250 378 6441
  • www.claybanksrv.com
  • Pets ok?: Yes
  • Pet Fee: $
  • WiFi available: Yes
  • WiFi Fee: $

  • From: 9/10/2010 to: 9/13/2010
  • Number of sites held: 10
  • Site fee: $$30 pull through per night.
  • Club Member Event fee: $na Per Person
  • Potluck: Yes
  • Potluck date: 9/11/2010
  • Potluck time: 6pm

  • Event Leader: sailorand(click to contact)
Additional Info:
we are having the rally on a weekend this year, so come and join us. We invite anyone from anywhere with a Heartland Product to join us.
We hope to have golf on Saturday for those interested or tour downtown Merritt and see the walk of stars.
Call Rosemary to reserve and then let us know on the forum that you are coming.
September is a fine time to see this ranching area

Rand and Beverly Lutman


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The Humphries' are booked! We also booked the park for a family camping trip in July. Looking forward to meeting all our Heartland relatives!



I am looking forward to meeting other Heartland owner's I just recently joined the Heartland owner"s club. We already have booked our site for the rally and I am interested in the golfing. My wife dosen't golf but would be interested in the walk of fame.



Hi Buzz,

Welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum and Family. We have a great bunch of people here with lots of information and all willing to share their knowledge if needed.

Starting by going to a rally is really a great idea. You will meet lots of Heartland owners and make lots of friends... and I'm pretty sure you will not go hungry.

Enjoy the forum.

Jim M


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We just returned from Claybanks today. We had a family camping trip ( 14 which included 7 children under 5!) and it was a perfect spot. Some found the river for a few hours of water fun, spent one day at the lake boating, golfed for a discount because of the park. Had our handy 'campfire in a can' which was great for our evening adult gathering. Looking forward to our return and meeting you all!

Diane and Mark


Past British Columbia Chapter Leader
Schedule foe the 3rd BC Heartland Owners Rally

Sept 10-13, 2010

Friday Sept. 10 get set up
Campfire at 7:30pm

Saturday, Sept 11 9:30 we will have a coffee pot on and sweets of some kind. Meet and greet. Show us your rig and modifications. Meet at Rand’s Bighorn with the Heartland Banner on it.
Bring your own cup and chair.

Golf on your own in the afternoon. Claybank’s have passes that they sell.

Bring your Bocce or String golf game if you do not want to golf.

6:00 pm Potluck dinner, bring a your favorite dish.
Campfire later

Sunday Sept. 12 9:30 Coffee at, same as yesterday
Relax and chat about your Heartland trips and experiences.

Games if you want.

Late afternoon, we will walk into Merritt and view the walk of fame. Dinner at the Merritt hotel, Claybank’s has discount tickets.


Hi All,
Looking forward to meeting up and chilling with new friends :angel:

We plan on arriving sometime between 7 - 8pm.
After setting up and having some dinner, we'll go in search of fellow Heartland owners up for the BC Rally :rolleyes:

Is there a main gathering site?
Site # ?

See and Talk soon,
Ken & Wendy... :cool:


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The BC Rally is off oan running with 9 rigs present. # Bighorns, 3 sundance, 2 Big Country and 1 Cyclone. Really enthusiastic people. Had agreat rig tour this morning and we are having a potluck this evening


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Sailorand, glad all is going well, Sorry we couldnt make it as we are heading south to California right now. We hope to make next years rally as we had fun at Nashville this year and now know how much fun rallys can be.
Nice to see 9 rigs up to Merrit this year .
Enjoy and have fun all


Travelin Toews'
Well it's been almost a week since our rally in Merritt and I still think about it. We had a great time visiting with friends from the last 2 rallies as well as meeting up with new friends we just met. We always enjoy getting on other people's rigs to see how they have changed things to make it their temporary or even permanent home. The social meetings were great, especially the evening gatherings around the campfire where a lot of great tales were told.
I took a few pictures at the rally and am wondering how to post them on this site. I did it 2 yrs ago but can't remember what I did. Help anyone!!


Good Morning,

I am still a little new to this site, anyway do we have any ideas on where for next year we will have the rally 2011 ?

If not maybe we can pass some ideas around the group ?

Safe Travels


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Hey Wayne
Looks like Rand has things set up for Merritt again for 2011.Hope all is well and look forward to meeting you in 2011
Regards Bill


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HI Wayne
Look in the 2011 events calender and next years rally is posted there. It would be great to meet you there next year.
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