EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: FL, Williston - 3/22/2013 to 3/24/2013

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Another great Florida rally. Thanks Mickey and Bonnie for all your hard work. Enjoy the next chapter of you RVing adventure.
Hope to see you down the road. Safe travels.


Doug S
Wow Mickey and Bonnie, you did it again, another great rally. Sorry to see you retire as Florida Chapter Leaders, but great to see you go full time. Good luck, and see you down the road. Leaving CG for home in the am.


Past Florida Chapter Leader
We would like to thank everyone for another great Rally. I have an announcement......Due to some last minute changes to roster, and some cancelations, we actually had 41 coaches at our event. WOOHOO. We had the best group of folks at this rally. I would like to thank Eric, Larry, and Dick Hill for pitching in to help when I was over loaded. So many others pitched in and we made this one another memorable event. From the best pot luck ever, to our Cowboy Poet Hank Mattson, to a great catered BBQ dinner at the Pavillion by Cowboys BBQ, and farewell breakfast; we had a blast. One thing I thouight was great was we had a pre rally group that wouldn't quit. So many folks were there enjoying the Florida lifestyle before the rally started. Many friendships were made; like I have said for years, rallies are full of friends you haven't made yet. We had a great number of first time rally goers, and I hope they caught the bug like the most of us have. Bonnie and I have been very fortunate to have the support of all of you guys. We love you and want to thank you. We have made lasting friendships, had great fun, and many memories. As we start our new ventures we will keep our friends in our hearts and minds forever. You guys are our extended family. We hope to get with the 21st century and find out how to do a blog, and hopefully cronicle our adventures, work schedule, and life moments as we travel down the road to whatever the future holds for us. As many of you know, this is a vast country; however our paths will cross many more times. We are looking forward to seeing each of you at some future event, or you may receive a call when we are in your neighborhood to say hi. Just would like to say thanks one more time. Two more people we would like to acknowledge as being so helpful is Dave Yocum and Jim Beletti. They are the rocks that any state leader can lean on, and actually make the job easy.

Bob Vaughn

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We had a great time at the Rally, our trip home was uneventful until we got within a couple of miles of home. We picked up a thump from a wheel on the truck and it seemed to get worse the closer to home we got the worse it got.......I took the truck to my tire place and the guy took one look and showed me where the tread was starting to separate. With only about 26,000 miles on the tires I was not expecting that. But I have had these tires 7 years and 2 months so I was pushing the envelope. So in the morning I will part with 800 dollars and hopefully be good for 5 more years. Too bad there are not some signs to look for other than waiting for inevitable..........


Mickey & Bonnie:
Thanks so much for letting us partake in your rally in Florida. Since we spent most of our winter in Florida and plan on returning next year, we hope to partake in other rallies. We had a great time talking to many other attendees & made some new friends. Good luck in your new adventures of full-timing. Don & Karen Law
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