EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: FL, Williston - 3/22/2013 to 3/24/2013

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Gary and Linda Powell made it in last night. We are in site 204. Only had to make 3 attempts. There was no info at the front desk so once we get stirring I'll look you up Mickey and introduce myself.

Bob Vaughn

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Last night was undoubtaly the best potluck I have ever been to..I could not taste some of every thing there. Tonight the meal will be catered. Plus a silent auction. This park will be over the top when it is finished.

Ray LeTourneau

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What a great feed we had this evening. It was some of the best pulled pork I've had with good mac & cheese and beans. Yes, I went back for 2nds. I had to re-certify for my Black Belt in Buffet.:eek:
What a great group of rally goers too. A fun evening was had by all. I'm sure glad we're not leaving tomorrow.
BTW, we missed a big storm tonight. It just skirted us to the north.


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I have to agree with Ray, the dinner was great! Just got up (4am) to take some antacids! Now can't go back to sleep :)

So glad that storm went around us. Looked like a big one too, when looking at the radar image.

Well, another fun rally is about over. There's a continental breakfast this morning at 8 am. Then tonight, if we can find a location for it, we may have an after rally potluck dinner tonight.

Great rally Mickey and Bonnie. Thank you for 3 years of service to the club!


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Thanks Mickey, you have lived up to your reputation of putting on great FL. rallies.

Counting down the next 5 days with you. Good luck on the closing and be safe heading to IA.

See you down the road.


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Mickey and Bonnie live about 10 miles from our home here in Florida. We have gotten together for dinner or just Mickey coming over to help me with the RV. Fran and I are going to miss them being close very much.

Mickey and Bonnie put on a great rally...this is our second one with Mickey.
Thank you Mickey and Bonnie for all your hard work.

Dick and Fran


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Let me echo previous comments. Mickey & Bonnie -- what a great rally. We had a blast. And what a meal last night. Those folks from Cowboy Bar-B-Q put on an awsome dinner. I couldn't get enough of the pulled pork nor the mac and cheeze. By far the best I've had in a long time.

We met some great new friends here and rekindled some past friendships. But then isn't that what rallies are for??!! Sure hate to have this end. Hope to see a whole bunch of you in Goshen.

Thanks again Mickey & Bonnie.

Keith & Carol


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Harry and I had an awesome time! Met some more new friends and ate way too much good food!! We are sorry to see it coming to an end today. We've been here since the first of the month, but the place is going to seem empty now after everyone leaves.

Thanks Mickey and Bonnie for a great rally. :)
Thanks for a great Rally! The food was great, I tried to get to as many for the dishes at the pot luck as possible, and the Bar-B-Que was over the top. As it is time for us to move on today, we are praying for the safe travels for all with the storms that are moving through today. See you down the road!


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Potluck 6pm tonight (Sunday)

For those still here and interested, we having an informal potluck at 6pm at the pavilion if we don't all blow away with storms today :)


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Many thanks to everyone for the hospality and especially for all the hard work of the Club Leaders. The food was great.! !
We wish the weather had been better, but all in all a Great First Rally for Trevor And Eva Shattuck.


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We are heading back to Homestead but sure enjoyed our time with everyone and a very special thanks to Mickey and Bonnie. Also hope you enjoy your full timing to the fullest also good luck to Larry and Sam on their new venture.
Thanks again everyone.
Walter & Linda


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Thanks for making me a cake! And it's not even my birthday :)

Emme and I thank you and Walter for the golf cart for today :)

See you in GA and hopefully in TN too!

Best of luck with the new hip this week.

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Mickey & Bonnie,

What more can I say that hasn't been said already. However I will add my 2 cents worth. GREAT rally, once again you done good. I will miss you as the Florida Chapter Leader, you always came through for me in a big way no matter what ever the project was. Travel safe.



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Mickey & Bonnie
Santha and I arrived home about an hour ago. Rained most of the way home. As usual the two of you put on one heck of a rally.
We had a great time. Good people and good food makes great memories. Mickey, when you get the Pete finished post some pictures.
Good luck and stay in touch. Randy, Santha and the Poodles


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Thanks for a great first rally, had a great time looking forward to our next rally. Thanks for all your hard work we truly appreciated it . Enjoy Fulltiming!!

Ray LeTourneau

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We had a great "After Rally" potluck last night. Thanks everyone for a great weekend. Mickey & Bonnie, you're a great asset to the Heartland Family. Thanks and travel safe.


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Sitting here this morning avoiding the pack up/put it away routine. So, before I head outside to get ready for the trip home I thought I'd say thanks to Mickey and Bonnie for a great rally and wish them the best in the next chapter of their lives. Don't forget us and "safe trippin'"! Bonnie........sure hope you are feeling better.

Best of luck from the Hill's!!!


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We made it home all safe and comfy after our first ever RV Rally... it was a nice park & we met some nice people and had a good time.. it was nice to put all the puzzle pieces together... rigs... faces...pets... names. we even found some nice trails at the park to take the cart through on our last night after the rains.... we will for sure venture out to another rally now that we are not rally rookies and also visit the park again some day...
Thanks to Mickey & crew for making such an event possible.... and I still vote for Bob Vaughn ast the next Florida Boss ...lol
The Lindsays.... George, Julie and Lexie :)

Bob Vaughn

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Hillsonwheels has the State directors job in his sights..........Not me......I know where you live Julie....
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