EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: OK, Eufaula - 5/20/2021 to 5/23/2021


We had an outstanding Rally here at Eufaula OK.. Met some new people and Barbara Wright was here. It rained off and on the entire week but we had a great time.

If you would like to see the photos I took, below is a link to my drop box... Enjoy...

Eufaula Rally


Texas North Chapter Leaders-retired
Great rally, Rex & Stacy! It was so nice to see Barbara Write and the Vanlandingham's. Lots of good food, friendship and laughing!
Can't ask for anything more!


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Nancy and I had fun at the Oklahoma rally. Thank you Orville and Barbara for planning the rally. Thank you Rex & Stacy for taking the Chapter Leadership role back from the now retired Wrights and great job making the rally yours. Good times!

It was cool to see Barbara Wright too. Thank you Vanlandingham's for brining Barbara out to the rally for dinner and to visit.

The Fish Fry dinner - wow! Rex and Stacy, you did great on this meal. And all the sides and desserts provided by rally attendees were also great. In fact, we just finished eating fish fry leftovers :)

We hope to see many of our rally attendees later this year at other rallies. We're also hopeful to attend the next OK rally.