EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: ON, Niagara Falls - 6/20/2014 to 6/22/2014

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Linda was asking if the person who supplied the salmon patties at the potluck could email us the recipe, please!


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Thanks Bob, Christine and all your helpers for putting on such a great rally. Judi and I had a fantastic time. It was our first Canadian rally although we have camped at Niagara Falls before. Hope to see some of you at the Goshen Rally next year Eh.


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Thanks Bob and Christine for a wonderfully planned rally...........although we missed half of it, we still had a great time in Ontario.
Loved every minute of it and we are glad that you ordered great weather for our stay.
Mike and Murray did a great job at the grill.

Jean and I returned home late Monday evening in a rain storm but managed to get off the road for the night. Lots of water around. We want to echo all the platitudes for Bob and Christine - they did an absolutely fabulous job. This was our first rally since becoming members two years ago and there couldn't have been a better venue or better hosts to kick off what we hope will be many more wonderful gatherings. We thank all of you who were so warm and friendly in welcoming us to our inaugural Chapter Rally. Hope to meet again in our travels.


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Wayne - Nancy and I really enjoyed the trip. We're here in Elkhart tonight and took the tired Ontario Chapter Leaders out to dinner tonight :) What a great job Bob and Christine did, along with help from some amazing helpers.

Jim & Nancy,

Thank you very much for dinner on Monday evening at the Texas Roadhouse! For two road weary, rally exhausted Chapter Leaders it was great not having to cook. The food was great, and the company stimulating as usual. It was also nice to get to know Nancy better – what a delightful person! We both love Indiana and are looking forward to our next visit at next years’ rally.

Bob & Christine


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We would like to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who attending the Ontario Chapter rally. What a turnout – 39 rigs! To everyone who pitched in with door prizes, welcome bag goodies, helped with barn set up and clean up, made coffee, BBQ’ers, table movers – Thank you, thank you, thank you! Safe travels to you all and hopefully we will see you again at next year’s Ontario Chapter rally EH!

As an aside, we arrived home safely late Wednesday evening. Our suspension issue along with the pin box problem were both taken care of by Morryde. A bit of a wait for the part from Lippert but we were on our way home by early afternoon.
Thank you again, Bob & Christine (and all others working behind the scenes) for putting together such a great Rally. Jon and I had a super time in Niagara attending our second Ontario event. The pot luck was a highlight for us (some great cooks in the group) and the Canada Eh show was fantastic. The campground and location was a great choice (we love Niagara) and we especially appreciated the bus passes we had. So easy to just hop on and let someone else do the driving.

On our way home, we visited Morry's Trailer Sales to pick up a new wheel and fender skirt that needed replacing from our incident in Texas when our wheel came off while driving down the highway. Got the wheel, Heartland sent the wrong fender skirt (despite all the numbers they needed). Looks like another trip up there (100 miles) to pick up when it comes in. Very disappointed in the dealer with his comments about our rig. He looked at it (while it was hooked to the truck) and said "it looks like the axles are positioned way too far back and you are going to run into problems down the road'. He then told us that 'we got SCREWED' and we should just turn our rig into a park model. Thanks. :(

To top it off, when we parked in our seasonal lot back home and went to level the rig, the landing gear totally broke (the shaft broke off where it comes out of the box) and now we are up on blocks. Perhaps Eric was right because we can't go anywhere now. First we have to get new landing gear to even MOVE the rig ... then we have to decide what our next steps are. Some of you have heard about our major problems we have had this past year and we really are questioning our purchase.

The best thing about Heartland is the Heartland Owners Club - especially the Ontario chapter. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about their product. :(


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Sorry to hear about your problems Eileen & Jon. I presume that Morry's did di some fix on the landing gear legs, but that it failed. Was the part that failed new, or touched by Morry's. If so, I'm sure that Eric would cover the cost of the fix, even if you have to use a local repair person. I'm surprised at his comments about the axle location (maybe he was jesting about the park model), and if you're concerned about possible axle overloading, go to the Flying J in London and get it weighed. It's always good to know what your weights are.

Good luck.
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