EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: SK, Rosetown - 8/9/2019 to 8/10/2019

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We had a nice breakfast this morning of scrambled eggs, sausage, hashbrowns and coffee.

After breakfast, I went by our rally sponsoring dealership, Mainline and picked up a few parts. They gave us a 30% discount - nice!

This afternoon, a number of us went to Mainline RV and drove some quads - lots of fun!

I did a few RV mods and repairs today and worked a bit on another Heartlander's rig.

Looking forward to a nice dinner at the rally sponsoring dealer tonight.


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Don Ewart has done a fantastic job for his first Rally and has great support from the local Dealer here in Rosetown, all dealers could learn from Mike at Mainline RV.


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Soon we will be hitting the road. Some heading home some heading to Camrose and the Alberta rally.

Yesterday afternoon
gave some people from the rally an opportunity to go out and ride side by side ATV's provided by Mainline.

Last night we dined on baby back ribs and caeser salad provided by Mainline. We then had an appearance by Glen Gillis a world renowned Saxophonist who gave us a little education and some very fine entertainment.

We rounded out the night with a campfire and visit.

It became obvious very soon that everyone was tired as people began fading away.

We will have coffee and Tim's donuts for everyone at 8am for those departing early.

Thank you all for your support and attendance. Janina and I very much appreciate everything everyone has done to assist use.
See you in Camrose next week.
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