EVENT: Heartland Owners Campout: TX, Fredricksburg - 05/01/2023 to 05/08/2023

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Texas-South Chapter Leaders
We have had so much fun here for the last two years, we have decided to return. This park is a great location for exploring this area, including the many wineries and breweries, the World War II memorial/museum, many restaurants, Luckenbach Tx, the LBJ Ranch State Park and other attractions.
Event Type
  1. Campout
Venue Name
Lady Bird Johnson Municipal RV Park
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Venue Contact Phone
830 997-4202
Venue Street Address
432 Lady Bird Dr.
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  1. United States
Rally Start Date
May 1, 2023
Rally End Date
May 8, 2023
Number of Sites Held
Site Costs per Night
Heartland Brand Fee
Non-Heartland Brand Fee (per person)
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Event Summary
Golfers, be advised that when you stay here, you will get the resident discounted rate to play.

Rates will be $52 per night or $312 per week

We reserved the entire Upper Loop with the Horse Shoe Loop as a back up area.

Attendee List

1. Jay and Stella Coffman 5/1-5/8
2. David-Steph2018 site 79
3. John and Debi McVie 5/1-5/8
4. Darren and Pam Davis 4/23-5/13 site 76
5. Norm and Tammy Boyce
6. Randy and Cindy Zavodny 5/1-5/8 site 75
7. Phil and Cec Crowley 5/3-5/7 site 74
8. Gene and Molly Coker
9. Doug and Cathy (Dougawil) 5//1-5/8
10. Jim and Elaine Ownby 5/1-5/8 site 89
11. Terry and Carol Hershberger 5/1-5/8 site 77
12. Jim and Nancy Beletti 4/27-5/4
13. John and Debi Macvie 4/24-5/1 site 85
14. Mike and Peg Finnegan 5/1-5/8 site 83
15. Lowell and Joan Greer
16. Dave Seabolt and Nancy Anderson site 84
17. Bob Curry 5/1-5/8 site 73
18. Dale and Wanda Crenshaw
19. Lin and Debbie Ballard 5/1-5/8 site 80
20. George Spier and Mary Hollis
21. Dan and Sally Sullivan 5/1-5/8 site 65
22. Marc and Tammy Tubbs 5/1-5/8


Well-known member
Jay, please sign John and me up! John and Debi MacVie. We’ll plan to attend from 4/24 thru 5/1. Thanks!


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To all attendees… amidst all the wineries and breweries is a fabulous elephant preserve called, appropriately… The Preserve. You can get up close and personal (in a safe way) with the elephants. Need to reserve ahead tho as it fills up fast. I think they have other animals now also, but when we visited last time, they had only elephants. Definitely recommend it! It’s educational and very fun.


Texas-South Chapter Leaders
Thanks for the info about the preserve and the sign-up. The park has had a boo-boo in scheduling,, so the dates will change. I'll let everyone know about the change when it finally done.


Texas-South Chapter Leaders
The dates of the rally have changed! We have May 1st - May 8th now, confirmed with the park.


Texas-South Chapter Leaders
Great that so many are signing up early! Were going to have another outstanding time in Fredericksburg.


Hey Jay! Cindy and I have just reserved site 75 for this next year. We should have the house finished by then and can get away 😃.


Texas-South Chapter Leaders
Randy and Cindy good to hear that you plan to make it! David-Steph I'll get your dates posted.


Please sign us up for the 5/1-5/8/23 Rally in Fredericksburg for Doug and Cathy. This is my first rally with Heartland Owners and need to know if there is anything else I need to do? Thanks,
Please sign us up for this rally. We have just reserved Upper Loop site #89 with the campground.... arriving 05/01/2023 and departing 05/08/2023. Looking forward to doing this again!!


Jim & Elaine Ownby


Texas-South Chapter Leaders
Doug and Cathy, I will add you to the list. Looking forward to meeting you. There is nothing more to do at this time.

Jim and Elaine, I will get y'all added as well.

Terry H

Past Texas North Chapter Leader/Moderator
Staff member
Carol and I are signed up in Site 77. We will Arrive May 1 and Depart May 8.