EVENT: Heartland Regional Rally: CO, Pueblo - 6/5/2018 to 6/10/2018

Leave Garry's video up, or take it down?

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Thank you to Garry and the rat team for smooth flow to all the activitys.

Great, and fun rally! Enjoyed seeing folks that I haven’t seen in a looong time!

Happy to meet and make friends, with everyone else!

See ya’ all at Jackson!

P.S. Would you please post some pics ( or, email some to me) from the rodeo? I couldn’t see them from the back of the room.
Thank you!


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My final post on this thread & WONDERFUL NEWS:
Due to various issues we had with the rally venue, I was able to negotiate a reduction to the total price we had previously agreed to and paid. Following the approval of Club Headquarters, the rally has been allowed to give back another $1320 to Soldiers Best Friends.Our total for the Heartland Gives Back to Soldiers Best Friend is as follows:
$ 850.....50/50...cash - regions half
$ 2194.....Cash - auction & Raffle
$ 6056....Checks from the Auction

$ 800 ....Donation checks SBF

$1990 .....Cash - Mountain Region give back
$1320.....Fairgrounds reduction

This is incredible news and we were able to blow away the goal of one dog team and paid for just over 3 dog teams, consisting of Veteran & dog training for one year each. Attached below is the check written for the Cash & Regional Rally's part, $6,354. As noted on our opening night greeting, all cash left over from the Rally would be donated to SBF, "Soldiers Best Friend".
Words can't express the appreciation for everyone making the Heartland Gives Back program a success for our selected Charity, Soldier's Best Friend! To witness firsthand the depth of your generosity toward assisting our Combat Wounded Veterans with PTSD and TBI (traumatic brain injury) is beyond my ability to place into words!
Thank you & God Bless you!
Garry & The 'Aussie" girls

JohnD has all the pictures and should be posting some in the near future!
Wayne, I will make sure you get a few of the crazy clown that was impersonating you!

See You in 2020 in Albuquerque, NM for the next mountain Regional Rally!
Note on the 2020 thread, we have already made some changes to make your check in a one stop easy process.



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Garry, over $13,000 is just beyond words!

Again I must express my amazement at your efforts and energy. You're the best!

Sincerely, Bob & Christine


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That is amazing and you are a true champion for soldiers best friends.

Thanks to you and the RAT team for a great time.

All the best to you and the Aussie girls,


Auguie & Cheryl add their thanks to all for a fantastic Pueblo. Special thanks to Harry for putting it all together. Looking forward to Albuquerque in 2020!


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Thanks, Garry and the RAT’s, for all your hard work putting the rally together. Bill and I were happy to be a part of the rally, as vendors and attendees. We loved meeting fellow Heartlanders!

How awesome that Soldiers Best Friend - I looked them up - what a fabulous organization! - received such a great gift!

Heartland Owners are the BEST!


Moved on to the next thing...

Those numbers are incredible!

I will be posting some photos here in this thread and on Facebook as soon as I get some decent Wifi!

In Rapid City, SD right now...Wifi is terrible in this park and I'm almost to my s l o w-d o w n limit on my Mifi!

So much for the 'Beyond Unlimited' plan... :mad:

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