Factory Awning LED Replacement Upgrade to Color LED

Hello folks,

I searched the forum and really didnt see anything that touches on this. I hope I didn't miss it, if i did I'm sure yall will tell me all about it lol.

I have a 2014 Cyclone 4100 that came with LED strips on the Carefree awning tubes. I am looking for a way to remove the white lights and install a color strip. The question that I have is regarding being able to use the existing wiring that runs down the inside of the awning fabric and out the wiring hole of the awning tubes.

Has anyone done this Mod? if so how did you accomplish this while maintaining a clean sleek look?

Thank You


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This isn't going to be as easy as you hope. White LED strip lights use 2 wires but color LED lights use 4 wires. From what I can tell on my rig, there are only 2 wires stitched in the awning.

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