Full Timer Loses Voting Rights

Ray LeTourneau

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I've been hearing of this happening for a while now. I'm fortunate to have a physical address in IL that is my Sons address. We will maintain that as our legal residence even though we just bought a summer house in WI. The state tax laws in IL are a little more senior friendly, if you know what I mean.


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Escapees have fought this battle in the courts and have won the right to vote. All they do is be a member of the Escapees and then use Escapees as their address, (Escapees mail forwarding service). This address is an actual physical address in Livingston, Texas. The address is similar to 125 Rainbow Drive, Livingston, Texas. They have local (Polk County Texas), state and national voting privileges.


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That's good that it works for Escapees members in Texas. As I stated on another post, that doesn't work for MyRvMail members in Florida. In Florida you have to own property in the state. Just because you have an address there is not good enough. (//heartlandowners.org/showthread.php/16546-Voting-while-fulltiming.)

Because I still own property in California, I can still vote there, even though for all since of purposes, I'm a Florida resident without property ownership there.

I sent letters today to my Congressman and Senator about this problem.


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So. Dakota allows voting as long as you have Amailing address and S.D. drivers lic. or I.D


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Just a thought I had after reading the story was, even though the campground provides cable, he could still upgrade the service and get a DVR or HD or cable internet, and then you get a utility bill, for your campground address.

That is what we do, we had too to get our WA licenses and you register to vote when you get your license.

If you have DirecTV you can change your service address and once a year you'll get 3 free months of the movie channels.

It no good that you have to jump through all the hoops, but it is the "new standard" if just about any residency, tax, citizenship issue and be full-time in an RV just adds another layer to the frustration.

We travel nursed for a year and did not spend more than 3 months in any one place, and found out later that for income tax purposes, we had NO state of residency, even though we had Tennessee DLs and had worked mostly in Texas, both states with NO income tax, but because we had no residency, we had to pay a higher federal rate on EVERYTHING.

moral of the story: don't take any part of your residency for granted.