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:cool: Just checking to say hello as a new member. Couldn't find a specific area for new members to check in -- so here I am. So far loving the Cyclone 3800 will be doing some modifications for the Boy's Den (Garage). Any ideas for clothes storage would be very welcome. Oh we also add a Grandma for about 6 months a year so I loved the modification on the loft ladder.

Doing it ourway the Mullsway.:eek:


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Hi mulls way,

Welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum. You'll find lots of useful information here along with a bunch of friendly and helpful people.

I'm sure you'll get some suggestions soon.

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Welcome to the forum---great people and always willing to help so please ask.
Concerning clothes---we keep our everyday stuff in the rv and stuff we only need occasionally we put in tubs in the basement storage. Be sure to label the tubs so it will make it easier to find. Not sure of your model, but if you have a clothes rod---do not overload, when bouncing down the road it will put too much stress on the rod.
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