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I just wanted to say thank you to Jim B and to Mr. Brady and all of the folks at Heartland RV for a great National Rally. We greatly appreciate all of the effort that was done to make this a successful and enjoyable rally. All of you have outdone yourselves. Thank you again for all that you all have done.None:D:D:D


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This was the best National rally we've been to. Thanks to Jim B, Jim Fenner and his crew, the Lippert crew, the Flair crew, etc. Mr. Brady, you have convinced many of us that you have the best people working for you.

Thank you for all your support.


I too would like to say a big Thank You to Heartland and all the folks that made the rally possible. Especially Jim Belitti. There is an awful lot of work to put on a rally of this size and quality. There are also the ones we don't think about, the ones that helped with the food service and clean up, and the parking directors and all the others.

A special Thanks to the Heartland Service team that did a lot of great work at the rally sites.

Also to the Lippert crew that came around and checked everyone's axles and springs.

Thanks to all.

Jim and Bette M


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Thanks for making my first rally wonderful! Thanks to all of the wonderful people I have met. Team FENNER .. you guys ROCK!! JB you are one in a million. The entire Comer Family (Hey?! I know you! *grins*) It was a wonderful week!! Thanks to Heartland and the entire Heartland Family.

Now, I have had one too many margaritas so I am off to work on the hangover.



Not just tired..... RETIRED!!!

Thank you for the invite to pop in for a bit and, have dinner and get a peek into another aspect of the Heartland RV family. I had a blast and met an absolutly fantastic group of people.

To all the Ralley attendees. Thank you all for the hospitality. What a pleasure to meet each and everyone of you. I bid you safe journery.

Sincerely, Mike

Ray LeTourneau

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Another one bites the dust... All of the previous posts here have pretty much said it all. What a great bunch of friends and Heartland Family. There are just too many people to mention. Heartland, Jim Beletti and everyone else involved in helping with this Rally from start to finish. Thanks.


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Heartland, Beletti, Fenner and all the rest made this a fantastic experience. Too bad it is coming to an end! Congrats and this type of treatment is what keeps us all family members and convinces our friends to become members!


Our heartfelt Kudos to Heartland, Jim B., Jim F., Fan-Tastic Vent, Hanex (Dave), MorRyde, and Lippert. Thank you for all the work performed for us.


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Like so many before, thanks doesn't seem to be enough. It's great to be part of such a A-1 group of people. Can't say enough about all the people that did so much to make this rally a great success. THANK YOU, we'll be back for sure. Heartland is truly a class act like no other.


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Ken & I had a wonderful time, met a lot of nice folks, learned a lot of info.

Thanks to Heartland and all the attendees for making our first Owners rally the first of many!!

Tom of Ypsi

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Not much more can be said that has not already been said so we just want to thank everyone that works for Heartland for a great rally. This goes to all who cleaned up the plants for our tours all the way up to Mr Brady for taking the time to speak and listen to all of us Heartland owners at the factory. Many thanks and hope to do it again. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.


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As Tom said not much to say but I would like to thank everyone who worked the rally they all did a great job! Also I would like to think Nancy for letting us have so much of Jims time and a GREAT BIG THANKS TO JIM for all he does for all of us. Just a note we are at the double j camp ground in near SpringField IL and there are two other BigHorns here one came from the rally. Well back to work everyone be safe------Kathy:)


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Well, what can I say ? Nothing it has already been said by the other posters, wife and I met a lot of really nice people, so did the dogs, we had a great time, looking foreward to the next rally, now it's time to get back to the grindstone, California for me tomorrow :(. This work thing is way over rated.
Anyhoo, THANKYOU to all involved in the rally, the Jim F bunch for fixing things, now I have a fridge that cools :) Thanks guys for making our first rally a great one.

Cheers and safe travels.. Ken & Elaine, Tinker & Lucky the Yorkies

PS. Next year I may have a kilt that fits me, or my belly will be smaller ( doubt that will happen ) so I don't cut of my circulation.


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A big THA NK YOU!!! to all the Heartland staff :D and volunteers :D. This was our first rally but will not be the last. We're on our way to southwest VA for the summer. Laid over at Tomorrow's Stars campground in South Charleston, OH. There are three other Bighorns here. One HOC #1213 is closed up so couldn't chat with them. The other two did not know about the forum so I bragged on it for the info offered and about the rally because of the great service and all the good food. Niles and I each probably gained about 10 lbs. (and that was just at the Bluegate :eek:???????? Safe trippin' everyone.........


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The Heartland National Rally Was AWESOME !!!!

What a fun time Karen and I had this year. We spent time renewing old friendships... had fun talking to many who were first time Rally attendies...
What a great way to get to know the ever growing Heartland Family from near and far !!​

I know those who were able to attend this years National Rally will start spreading the word... making those who couldn't green with envy... the seeds will be planted... the calendars will be marked... the 2011 Rally here in Goshen will be busting at the seams with new first time Rally attendees.​

I want to express my THANKS as well to my Jim Beletti... to the "Heartland Rally Crew" who spent many many long hours working on our Rigs... to the hard working "Lippert Crew" who spent long hard hours inspecting and making repairs to the Rigs.​

A special THANKS as well to all who attended the Rally, be it first timers and the seasoned veteran who have not missed one yet.... The success of the Rally this year is because of you as well !!! With out your devotion to Heartland... Your willingness to drive the miles getting to Goshen... this Rally wouldn't have enjoyed as much success as it did.​


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It has been said by all, but what a great rally. Thank you Heartland and Lippert. Thank you Jim B. This was our first national rally, and certainly not the last. CrazyScotsman, I can only publicly show this picture, the other is rated XXX :eek:.
Best to all our new friends of the Heartland Family.


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What a great bunch of fun lovin, Heartland ownen people at the rally. I agree with every ever thing that has been said. It couldn't have been better. We are now on our way home to Wisconsin from Indiana, and decided to stop at Tunica Mississippi on the way. Took the short cut.
See yall in Nashville.


Gayle and I want to extend our "heartland" felt THANKS to everyone. You're a great group of people to be associated with. I'll add another well deserved kudo to Jim B.; THANKS JIM! This is a little off topic but I also want to add a hugh THANK YOU to Jim B. and the other forum moderators for all they do and most importantly for the atmosphere of CIVILITY that they maintain on the forum. It makes the forum more pleasant but it also makes it so much more credible and productive. I know it takes a lot of time and you moderators all do a commendable job. One last thought; does any one know a good method for removing horse manure from inner fenders and mud flaps (trip to and from Blue Gate [lol])? Our best to all, Gayle and Lance (aka rvv)


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I think it's awsome that everyone had a great time. Ann and I looking foward to attending our first national rally next year.


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Man oh man! Our first ever RV rally is in the history books...what a great time! Got to meet some fantastic, down to earth folks whom we enjoyed being around and would gladly call "friend": Gary & Karen, Tom & Sandy (& Bubba Bear), Lance & Gayle (& "family"), Niles & Deb (& Tucker the wonder dog, that IS one big Black Lab by the way!). Marv & his Pilot Car ("Follow Me!") started the whole experience, Thanks! ;)

We had so much going on and time flew by so quickly that I didn't get to ride the bikes we hauled until Sunday morning...one lap around the fairgrounds for each and I can now say we have ridden in Indiana!!

I agree wholeheartedly with everything posted above. Jim B and his volunteer army truly made this one of the most enjoyable events we have ever attended; and we've been to Sturgis!! :eek::eek: The only negative occurence was when my entire table turned on me at the Saturday evening's dinner...that foam cowboy hat clashed with my shirt!!! Retyred, DP7955, Retired CPO, Chickie, & my DW...revenge will be mine!! :rolleyes::rolleyes:

We can't wait for July 2010..the Smiley Face flag will be flying in Nashville!! :D