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Hello all,
I want to put a tv up in the tv area but I was wondering if only a 12 v tv will run on battery? I tend to use my camper in the mountains vs a campground so I will be using batteries instead of shore power. the tv jack in my rv has a standard 110 outlet but not a cigarette outlet . any recommendations on where to start with finding a good tv that will work? do i need to install an inverter before i can use a tv on battery? please excuse the noob questions, but this is my first trailer with a tv spot so im a little clueless. :)


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Yes, to operate a TV on 120VAC you will need to have an inverter of some kind installed. But you will need to consider how you will charge your batteries when needed. Are you planning on a generator to recharge or use solar in some way?
Have you considered what the draw will be on the batteries, how long they will last before needing to be charged?

Here is a link to 12VDC TV:


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You will need to find the nearest source of 12 Volts and run a wire to a cigarette lighter outlet. An inverter isn't the answer since you would be using 12v to power the inverter which in turn uses up battery power. I have purchased 12 VDC TV's before and they work as well as any 120 VAC does. As for finding a 12 VDC TV...there are plenty web sites that you can purchase them from, even Amazon. Just do a search for 12 Volt DC TV's. You can go cheap or higher priced models like a 28" for $300+
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