Heartlland 2022 - 4007 Cyclone soft spots floor water damage in kitchen

The kitchen floor have soft spots and the vinyl tile starting to RIPPLE. Checked underneath pushed up on bottom of liner and water was holding in this, but I could not find any water leaking from pipes or tanks. Then it rained and noticed water in tje window seal dripping down tje wall
The window by stairs was not sealed outside on top so I sealed this. I then noticed more water coming in from rubber seal by this window coming in bottom corner of the refrigerator and stairs. Not sure if water is trapped under main floor because it's now is all rippled and has soft spots all through kitchen front of fridge. Since sealing these seams- windows and slide it's seems to have stopped any new water from getting in or worse. I'm worried one step too hard we're gonna go through the floor, how do we get this warranted and repaired as all this water was coming in every time it rained. How can we check to see if water is under floor?


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It's a 2022. Call the factory. The dealer is usually clueless. I would demand a replacement. No telling how much mold is built up in the entire underbelly.

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Chances are Heartland will wash their hands on this claim.they will say you didn’t do your maintenance.No chance you’ll get a replacement unless your state has a lemon law in place.


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take lots of pictures contact dealer this should be warranty repair. Fair warning they will try to deny the claim unless you have a great dealer & have records where the unit was inspected & checked as per Heartlands maintenance procedures. Been there with leaky windows in garage of our toyhauler. Good luck


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Within the first couple of months I discovered two different major leaks in our large bedroom escape window. It was leaking so bad that I had to go outside on my 8' stepladder in the middle of a driving rain and stick a half roll of roof repair tape over the top of the window and down one side. A couple days later I cleaned all of that off and resealed the window correctly.

How my unit could have ever left the factory with that window if beyond me.

I would call the factory first. They told me that they generally won't allow a unit back there for repairs but if it is a huge job they would. I would consider your a "huge" job.


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I would caution you about "demanding" and threatening lawsuits so soon. Give the factory a call and explain your situation calmly. You will get a lot better results if you do.


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We had a water leak on our 2017 Road Warrior, 11 months after we purchased it. But it was because of the inlet on the hot water heater cracked and was leaking. Heartland sent us to Affinity RV Group in Goshen for repairs. The soft spot we had was in front of our stairs going up to the bedroom, on the opposite side of the rig.

Yes, Heartland did try to deny the claim at first, saying we did not do the slide maintenance at 90 days as required. But in the end, Heartland paid for the repairs.

Then in May 2020 we found a side wall crack issue. This was 2 1/2 years after we bought it. Heartland did pay for the majority of the repairs. After we went back and forth, they okayed the payment.

Document everything and stay on Heartland, don't let them forget about you. Drop the underbelly on the side and run a camera in there to see what is going on. Get pictures of everything, document it and send to Heartland.