Help....!!!!!! A stressed out newbie


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When I was having work done on the trailer I would go by the shop or call every couple of days for a update. Visiting the shop is a plus if you are close enough. Try to talk to the same person each time.


Hello everyone.....just to let you know just picked my unit back up almost in shop 7 weeks.....ugh........but I have it back.....

Big question........... I have had a Sat TV antenna installed on the roof and wonder how I can power up the RV at the house so the SAT tech can install the receiver boxes.....can I make up a double male plug end for a heavy duty drop cord so I can power up back feeding through the outside outlet......don't plan on using any other components on the RV just enough so he can hook the boxes in.....


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Well you could just run an extension cord using the proper adapter. You can power the entire coach.
There are adapters that reduce from 50 amp to 20 amp and 30 amp to 20 amp. Check with your local RV dealer.
I have an adapter that has female 50 amp and male 20 amp. I just use a long extension cord and plug in.



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You should be able to buy an adapter from Camping World or you local dealership to convert from the 50 amp plug to a standard household outlet.

I have a couple of 30 amp adapters that I've been using for years at our house or anywhere else there isn't the proper 30 amp plug in (been to a few campgrounds that only have the standard household outlet in the pedistal.


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Keep in mind you will not be able to run your air conditioning on a 15 or 20 amp household circuit. But you should be able to run your Television, and/or refrigerator