home made canopy


My wife and I made a canopy the entire length of the track x 10' 0". We purchased a white tarp and some schedule 40 gas pipe. The canopy and track fit inside the front storage compartment. It took us about 20 min.to set up.
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I'm sure some others would like to see your canopy and maybe even copy it.

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That's pretty cool. Here's ours, works great! Find some "Kedder Rail" online and have a leather shop sew it to a tarp, and you are good to go. I was going to mount the supports to the RV, but that seemed like a whole magnitude larger project. Somewhere on the internet I saw that someone had done that to their MPG....wasn't pretty. This is smarter. P8100405sml.jpg
I made a terrific awning this summer for my MPG 185. I think it is genius! I'll try to post a pic.


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Those MPG's are cool little trailers!

Those awning mods are all pretty cool, too!