Hurricane Repair ...but wait there's more!!

Ok moving over from the introduction forum, time to start trying to piece this girl back together.

We purchased a 2014 Gateway about a week before Hurricane Ian hit. Thankfully the trailer lived but did take some damage. We had to move into it a few days after due to our house was wiped out (along with my Volvo sadly).

So we had some seperation/delamination on the right rear, which I am going to try the epoxy injection as it seems to be a nice solid fix. However. we have some things that need to be repaired both inside and out. So any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.

First issue is the skylight in the bathroom. It's cracked in multiple places from impacts. Is there anywhere to get a replacement? Some sites are asking for curvature and so on. Honestly? I'm a "DAT"..IE Dumb *** Tanker LOL. The Army didn't teach me all that cool stuff.

Next issues are due to my dog having a fit as we locked him in the bedroom while the cable tech was here. He chewed up the door frame plastic and part of the door where it meets the window. The door trim I can fix, the door frame I'm not sure about.

That is about it for the repair part of it. Rest is learning how to use all of it. The previous owner cannot find the manuals as well as the safe combo LOL. I'll post some pictures here in a few. As well as a few switches on the panel that are unlabeled and I have NO clue what they are for.

I'm sure I'll remember more later but it's late and I am spent. Again, nice to find a place where I can learn some and meet a few people at the same time.

God Bless,

Shea and Brandi


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for the sky light I'd cqall Heartland customer service, have the last six #'s of your VIN handy they should be able to tell you the skylight part # & if they have one in stock.
Look at the tools tab above & scroll though it, tons of info for just about anything there.
Good luck & ask away


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You might want to consult with a RV Collision Repair type company in your area. In their major collision repair jobs they frequently have to fix interior issues.


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You might try one of the RV surplus places near Elkhart, IN for the wood trim and maybe the skylight.


Bontrager's would be my first call.



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