I'm baaaack!


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Just jumped into a 2020 RW 430, picking up next week. It's never really been loved much but hasn't been abused. Some cleaning and a new awning and it'll be good as new. Not new to these pages. Sold our Cyclone about 5 years ago. In between had a diesel pusher.

So I'm back. I'll have a few questions. Like:

The un-labeled red switch with white plate under the EMS. I am told it is part of the Arctic package and turns on the 120V tank heaters. If so, is it the same wattage or more? And which tanks are heated, all 4 of them?

Also looking for a link to said EMS manual. (Haven't figured out the model # yet). Need to know how it's wired in. (I'm like that, wanting to understand my systems, so I can modify as needed).

I'm sure there will be lots of projects and mods. There always are.

Happy Turkey Day.


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Not sure if it's the same on the Road Warrior, but on our Cyclone the red switch turns on the water line heat tape. There is a separate switch labelled "Yeti" that turns on the tank heater pads. All 4 of the tanks are heated, so you need to make sure there is some water in each of the tanks before you turn on the pads, otherwise they could burn through.


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Thanks. "Water line heat tape"........which water line where?
It's the fresh water line bringing water into your rig and into the fresh water holding tank. I haven't ever tried to trace it so not sure how much of the line is protected. If you search "Heartland RV" on YouTube, under the maintenance section there are a couple of short videos that discuss the water line heat tape and another that discusses the tank heating pads.