install prepped ac

I have a ??? about the wiring, it l9oks like I have to thermostat wires, one has 3 wires an the other is like 6-8 like a home stat. an cannot seem to find the other end location to put the single zone stat., it is an 09 cyclone 40' toy hauler, any help would be awsome


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so the three wire is from existing thermostat in camper an what does the 6 wire come from to go to the compressor an fan
Did you look at the wiring diagrams I linked?
Page 16 of the top diagram is of the rooftop cooling unit. NOTE THE 6 WIRE CONNECTOR ON THE RIGHT SIDE. IT CONNECTS TO THE CONTROL BOX ON THE INSIDE.
THE INSIDE CONTROL BOX IS THE LOWER WIRING DRAWING ON PAGE 16. THE WIRES TO THE TOP COOLING UNIT are on the top left of this drawing. THE WIRES TO THE THERMOSTAT ARE ON THE MIDDLE LEFT OF THE LOWER DRAWING. Just above the thermostat input wires are the connections out to control the furnace.