Introducing RV Water Filter Store and their Water Quality Improvement products

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Sometime in the 2nd quarter of 2018, the Heartland Owners Club will be taking RV Water Filter Store (RVWFS) on as a Club Partner for their Water Quality Improvement products, much the same as we've done RV Lock, Snap Pad, Tire Minder TPMS and others.

This means that at some point, they'll be offering discounts at our club rallies, providing gift certificates at our club rallies and from time to time, offering product specials to all Heartland owners within this sub-forum.

Note that RVers have many choices on where to purchase Water Quality Improvement products - some better than others, some more cost-effective than others. We chose to partner with RVWFS due to the quality of the products they carry, the breadth of their product line, the personal testimonies of some of our club members, their commitment to customer service and their commitment to the RV industry.

Use this link to discuss RV Water Filter Store (RVWFS), ask questions and share your RVWFS transactional experiences.

Watch this space for more information as it becomes available.
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