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Hello 2019 Heartland Sundance Ultralite owner here and new to this site. Wife and I have 5 adult kids...1 graduated college last year, 1 next month, and 3 others in college still have to work but love enjoying our trailer. Gunna retire in 4-5 years from county service, God really will be traveling...cant wait.

Well, I guess that's a good start for my first post!


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Hi Dave and Felicia,

Welcome to the forum and the Owners Club! Dave and Felicia are our neighbors who live just down the street from us. The Pacific Region directors have posted a regional rally in Oregon next summer. Take a minute and see if you can join us. It is posted on the portal page. Have a great rest of the week.



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Welcome Dave and Felicia. You’re so lucky you live down the street from Chuck and Donna. 5 kids in college at the same time? Can’t imagine!

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Dave and Felicia,

Welcome to the club!
Sorry you live so close to the Hale’s!
They’ll never be home but if you could watch their house...

Jim n Debbie