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Welcome Tony. I'm not sure what your new position covers, but I think you pay for the first round at rallies. See you in Kingston!



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Welcome Tony and Sharon.

Looking forward to your visit to Manitoba's "Great Lakes".

Cam and Heather


Thank you to everyone for your warm wishes. Sharon and I are very excited to have been appointed as the Canada Region Director and we looking forward to meeting many of you as we travel the highways and byways of this great land.

To give you a little background on Sharon and myself. We are self-employed and we have owned Clearstream Filters Inc., a manufacturer of industrial liquid filtration products since 1995. Since 2008 we have had employees in place to run the business and we decided to retire and enjoy life a little more.

We have been RV’ing with a Titanium style 5th wheel for the past 10 years and we have enjoyed every moment (most every moment). I was one of the original members of the old Titanium forum on Yahoo. In 2003 I organized the first ever Titanium Rally held in Forest, Ontario with only 5 rigs in attendance. In 2005 we had out grown the Yahoo forum and it was time to move up to a new forum that was more user friendly and secure. I designed, created and continue to maintain the forum that many owners have to come to know and appreciate. This was all done on the same pay scale as my new position. We do it because we enjoy helping others that enjoy the same Rving lifestyle as us.
Travel safe.


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Welcome Tony and Sharon,

I do believe the pay is exactly the same for Regional Directors here as is in Canada only you paid in Canadian dollars, Try this formula...... 0+0=0. Oh well that is the way it is. LOL

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