Iowa, Thank you.


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I wanted to post a quick note to say thank you for making Jennifer and I feel at home in the Heartland family.

My sales territory has changed, and being on the road 3-4 nights a week is very hard on me, Jennifer and our angel Lauren. We will start looking for a home in the wonderful state of Cheese, beer and badgers. Yup it looks like Wisconsin is going to be our new home.

On behalf of Jennifer and I wanted to thank all the people that made Iowa's first rally a SMASHING SUCCESS! We really enjoyed meeting everyone and seeing the joy they experienced at the Iowa rally.

We have sold our home, and are currently bundled up in a small apartment in Muscatine, so our house hunting can't come quick enough.

In the meantime, I am interested in helping to identify a new chapter leader and pass down what information we were able to obtain from the rally, as well as the award winning Iowa banner.

If you are interested in becoming the chapter leader, please contact Jim B, if you have any question please feel free to let me know, I am more than happy to answer them.

We are leaving the state, not the country, I am here to help!!!!

Thanks Again
Mark, Jennifer and Lauren


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Hi Mark and Jennifer,

THANK YOU so much for being our first Iowa Chapter Leaders! And for putting on the first ever Iowa rally last October. That was a lot of fun.

Best of luck with your move and job up in Wisconsin. Join us for the WI rally in August in the Dells if you can.



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Mark - hate to see you leaving the Chapter Leader family, but congrats on the new work location and good luck with the house hunting. If you are ever in Northern Virginia, look us up. Love to keep up with our fellow Heartlanders.


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Mark, Jennifer and Lauren, we had fun at last years Iowa rally. You did a good job and will be missed.
As Jim said be sure to check out the WI rally at the Dells.
Where in WI will you be relocating?
And don't forget about brats to go with that cheese and beer.



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Good Luck to you and Welcome to Wisconsin!
We are sorry to see you go as the Iowa Chapter did a great job on the first rally and we were looking forward to going to the 2011 Iowa Rally. Hopefully they can find new leaders to carry on.
We hope to see you at future rallies!
If you are ever through the Kenosha area, let us know!

Paul and Sue

Ray LeTourneau

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Mark & Family, Lin & I enjoyed your company at the Iowa rally and Lauren is a great little girl. Welcome to Wisconsin! What area will you be in?