Kitchen table screwed or bolted down?


Wife wants to turn the table sideways. Is the table screwed down or bolted down? If bolted down, how do you get to the nut? We in the site for the season and so won't be traveling with it loose but want to be able to reattach it when moving. Thanks


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It is screwed down in 4 places. Pull the wood plugs off the tops of each leg to access the screws. Others have done what you are planning.



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Yes to what Jim said. We removed ours right away. For the most part the table stays put. But I would really strap it down when traveling. You dont want it to move around and punch out a window:eek:. Bob:D


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We do not strap ours down and have never had any problem with it moving around. Of course we attribute most of that to the Mor-Ryde IS.


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Ours is unscrewed and moved we don't tie down anything except the recliners. So far nothing has ever moved. we have been all over east of the Mississippi. JON :D :D :D


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Jim, I misspoke. Patty said that we where going to strap the table down. Now you get the picture?? Still breathing...............Bob:D


Thank you for your posts.

Our tables are screwed into place. You can remove the screws which anchor the table, but this is not recommended.