1. J

    Pedestal dinette table where to buy besides RecPro-they don't have them

    Hi All, I have a 2012 Bighorn 3610 RE and it has the dinette table with 2 T shaped legs and a bar across underneath it. Soooo annoying as it takes up all of the foot room and makes vacuuming a real pain too. I have looked all of the place online and not found any like my friends 2014 Bighorn...
  2. O

    Kitchen table bed useless, supports wont hold table top

    We bought this 2016 sundance 221Rb trailer brand new and have had numerous issues from the black tank flush valve installed backwards, shower leaking out of the drain, LED patio lights half burnt out, rear cap not sealed and causing water damage, awning pulling off on ends, plus more. 4 years...
  3. S

    22RBK Dinette - Bed?

    How do, or DOES the dinette convert to a bed? The table doesn't seem to fit, plus there is only a support for only the backside.
  4. GETnBYE

    Anyone care to make a video to teach us......

    solved:Anyone care to make a video to teach us...... How to open the dining table! We have crawled under this table, pulled, tugged, cussed it and it just sits there. We can't get it to slide open. yes, we unhooked the snap. And yes, it should open because we can see a table Leif inside i...
  5. K

    MPG 184 table/sofa question

    When the table is up at the sofa, can you easily walk past it along the bathroom and get to the bed? It looks really tight, though I have not seen it in person.
  6. B

    Road Warrior 405 first 4 months

    I purchased new 2011 Road Warrior 405 March 24, 2011. My wife and I love the layout of the camper. There is plenty of room for the whole family. One wife, two kids, a Great Dane, and a Mini Aussie. We like having four queen beds in camper for when we have extra overnight guests. The layout...
  7. S

    M21 Awning/lights/doors/weatherproofing

    We’ve just spent 3 months traveling in our M21, logged 12000 miles on all kinds of roads, from Arizona to Minnesota to Alaska to Oregon – a thorough test. Suggested improvements: 1. Awning. Move it about 2’ towards the front. a. When awning is extended, the entry door bangs into...
  8. W

    Quick-disconnect dining table

    Has anyone come up with a way to quickly disconnect the mounting screws in the dining table legs in the Sundance so that it could be moved out to the middle of the floor? I'm sure there is some device that would do it, but I'm not sure what it would be.
  9. S

    Table and Plywood Storage

    It would be nice if there was a good storage position for the table top. It's fairly heavy and I don't want it sliding around inside the unit. I don't want to just lay it on the floor, I'm afraid it will become scratched up. My current solution is to put it on the bottom bunk and place the top...
  10. labbysmom

    Another question: BH table between recliners

    While pricing out our '10 3670 BH, we asked dealers about the end table that shows up between the recliners in several websites. They all claim they know nothing about them and even one said the factory had no info on them. So has anyone ordered the table or did it just come with the unit...
  11. Pizzaguy

    Cherry End Table

    We are looking for the cherry end table that goes in between the recliners.When we ordered our 2011 3610RE we did so after looking at the exact same one the dealer ordered for somebody else.When ours came in, it it did not come with the table and we were very disappointed that Heartland...
  12. TXBobcat

    Replaced the Table with Cabinet...

    We don't normally eat at the table. We needed more freezer room and some storage. So we put the table and chairs in storage. Bought a 5.0 Cu Ft Sears freezer and had Cabinet Bob here in McKinney TX build us a cabinet. It is in two parts. The top, which is screwed in with 4 wood screws and the...
  13. F

    kitchen table

    I extended the kitchen table leaf and cant put it back does it work...tks:mad:
  14. L

    Dining Table Touches the Island

    Our table contacts the island slightly. Looks like we can take the screws out and move the table to-wards the window to minimize or completely stop the contact. Has anyone else done this or had a problem with them rubbing?
  15. R

    Paint for Dining Table

    We have the cherry interior and it appears the table is painted and the paint is coming off on the legs. Is it possible to get touch up paint to cover this? A stain stick works great on the cabinets, but will not cover the places on the table. Our unit is a 2010 delivered to us in April.
  16. ppenka

    3300sk Cracked Dinette table

    Ok got another one for ya. My Dinette table has about a 1 1/2' crack in the center. It looks like it is comming apart at the seam. Who do I call for this?
  17. rl7greg

    Looking for custom table legs for a dinette that stay in place with slide in

    Custom table legs for a dinette that stay in place with slide in Edit: Found - see post #4 I saw a posting on some other RV related forum with pictures and description on how a guy custom made table legs for his dinette that stayed in place while the slide was in. I can't for the life of me...
  18. T

    Kitchen table screwed or bolted down?

    Wife wants to turn the table sideways. Is the table screwed down or bolted down? If bolted down, how do you get to the nut? We in the site for the season and so won't be traveling with it loose but want to be able to reattach it when moving. Thanks
  19. porthole

    Cyclone 3812 with table and chairs

    Mods --Please leave this post in the general section, trying to get an answer before I leave Elkhart If you have a 3812 with the dinette table and 4 chairs please look at this post. //
  20. porthole

    Cyclone 3812 with table and chairs

    Anyone have a Cyclone 3812 with table and chairs? Especially with the Sand Dune interior. If so do you have any pictures handy?
  21. JohnDar

    Wine Table for Sofa

    Dar wanted a small "wine" table to use at the sofa in the 3670, so I made this from some scrap I had in the garage (aka, my workshop). Modelled it after a store bought one she has in the house.
  22. B

    Table in the garage

    Is it possible to purchase the table setup with the mounting holes in the floor from the factory so I could add this to my setup. This appears to be a 2009 option that I don't have. This would be a great addition to my unit.
  23. M

    end table

    What is everyone doing about an end table between the swivel rockers in their 2900 MK or ?.
  24. C

    entertainment table

    I made a removable table for the DVD, VCR, satellite receiver
  25. C

    DVD table for entertainment center on 24 RLD fifth wheel

    I made a table to set my satellite receiver on and my DVD player
  26. J

    More Table Space & Added Handrail

    here are two modifications that we found helpful. we liked being able to slide the chairs a bit further back from the table and since i have trouble climbing stairs - the handrail was a great addition.
  27. Dmaxcc6spd

    Table and speaker question

    Just washed the new Sundance 2998RB Sunday to get the delivery slime off. Also, got to poke around inside a little, but the weather here isn't cooperating. 2 questions: 1. We ordered the free standing dinette. The table was screwed to the floor, I assume for shipping purposes. After...
  28. Hunter

    21fbs - Modification to table

    One of the things that we did not like about the 21fbs was the fact that the table had to be put down while traveling. We like to stop at truck stops or along the side of the road and make a coffee and just sit at the table and have a rest. The 21fbs was lacking this feature, but, my husband...
  29. R

    U Shaped table

    U Shaped Dinette The wife and I are looking at a new trailer and have decided on a North Trail 31 BHD or 31 RED don't know if I really need a 31 footer but wife likes the big dinette on the 31 red is it in the plans to make more trailers with the u shaped dinette.
  30. L

    kitchen table splitting

    My kitchen table is splitting where the seam is glued together. What is going to be the fix for this? The camper is less than a year old but with the humidity dropping it has a split a little over 5 inches long where the boards are separating. If the dealer is just going to have to glue it...
  31. R

    Dinette Table

    Our table in our booth is very close to the window and it is very hard to open and close the blinds. It takes two people - one on each side to slowly raise and lower the blinds so they do not snag on the table or the emergency window knobby thing. I was wondering if I could move the pole...
  32. D

    Table forming a bed in a 21FBS

    I cannot remember how the sales person showed me to convert the dine net back cushions into a bed ? He did it so the cushions worked out perfectly..? Thanks