Another question: BH table between recliners


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While pricing out our '10 3670 BH, we asked dealers about the end table that shows up between the recliners in several websites. They all claim they know nothing about them and even one said the factory had no info on them. So has anyone ordered the table or did it just come with the unit?

Thanks again for answering question #2 now that we have bought! LOL:eek:

Diane and Mark


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It came with ours, but we always move it around in front of the sofa. DH likes to spin his chair too much to leave it in between the recliners.
You can always ask your dealer for a copy of the invoice. They will most likely blank out the prices, but it will show what your rig was ordered with as far as options.


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It may no longer be included with the 2011's. we got one with our 2010, but another member said today that their 2011 did not have one and they were no longer available from Heartland.


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The small end table came with our 3670. For such a small item, it would seem unlikely that Heartland would now make it an option at extra cost.


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If Heartland no longer has this table (one came with my '08 BH), it would be likely that most furniture stores would have a suitable selection.


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We ordered our 2011 in November and it was built first week of December and it did not come with the end table .We were disappointed as the earlier 2011s did have them. You may find an early built one that has it on a dealers lot, but otherwise you will not get one.We are still looking for one that will fit that space.We chose the cherry interior so finding a table in cherry is a little harder to find than oak.


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I have one in my 09BH, just the right size for between the recliners to set your cocktails on. In my case coffee.


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The tables no longer comes with the 3670

Labbysmom, we just went through the same exact thing. We ordered and received our 3670 in Nov. 2009. We noticed the table missing and questioned our dealer (MIDWAY Salisbury, MD.). MIDWAY called HL and was told they no longer supplied the table.:rolleyes: This is not all bad, turning lemons into lemonaid this was an oportunity for us to get creative (lamps, magazine racks, small ronund table, square table etc.). My wife came up with some really nice ideas and we are going to make that happen:cool:. So here's an opportunity to have some fun while you're waiting for summer:cool:.
Happy RVing :)


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We have one in Cherry in storage because we have a radiant heater that is designed to be a table also. We use that between our recliners in our 29010 Augusta. We are in Mission, TX right now and will be heading back home the middle of April. If anyone is interested in the table, please send me a private message.We will be at the Rally in TN. and the Missouri Chapter in June. :D:D


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Our 09 3400RL came with the table between the chairs. I suggest you contact Heartland direct and ask them.

Good Luck


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We can't find the oak Pizzaguy. We would like to find something for our 2010 Big Country. For now we settled on a wooden ty/snack tray from WalMart. We just have to remember to not turn the chairs. I think our next idea will be to have something made.


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Doing a google search looking for Recliner Tables.
( What did we ever do before Google? )

Found these:

24" Magazine Table - Cherry finish:

Heirloom Cherry Magazine Cabinet Table:

Cherry Magazine Table:

Oak Table with a Swing arm Lamp:

And the list went on and on. Plenty of choices out there in Cyber Shopping Land.




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We found the same ones as SmokeyBare posted links to.The only problem we had was you could not see them first to look at quality and actual color of finish.We also wanted an oval or round top so there were no sharp corners in case a chair turned into it.Our looking is over as we have found one from another forum member.


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Thanks everyone, I just may contact them. I had success last week when I emailed Debbie at HL to ask if we could get some changes in our fabric and wall border because our dealers rep said they couldn't do it. She had the opposite to say so we are delighted. It pays to ask. Our dealer is happy too but not sure how the rep is :angel: