More Table Space & Added Handrail

Jim & Harriet

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here are two modifications that we found helpful. we liked being able to slide the chairs a bit further back from the table and since i have trouble climbing stairs - the handrail was a great addition.


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Ray LeTourneau

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Great idea to remove the Valances. We might try the same thing except maybe leave the header and add fabric valences to cover the edges of the shade but still have more room for the chairs.

Jim & Harriet

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window header

hi ray,
it is hard to see in the photo, but we did leave the top header, just removed the sides. a fabric valence would be a good addition.
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We did the same thing in our 3370, but just cut the side valances off and recovered them. (took off an equal amount from top and bottom, then put them back together) Now the chairs aren't always bumping into them. I like the handrail idea!