1. karapg

    Heartland Sundance 283RB outdoor speakers

    Hello, we need to replace the outdoor speakers. But I’m not even sure where to start. My husband just mentioned that he wanted to replace them and so I’d like to do that for his birthday. But I don’t even know what size or anything that I need to look for. Suggestions? I’ve already looked in the...
  2. LovelyLady503

    Replacement Storage Key for 2011 Sundance 287RL

    I purchased a used Heartland Sundance XLT model 287RL and they did not have the storage keys. I can’t seem to find the right one I’ve purchased and tried several. Can anybody tell me what key number I need to purchase? I can’t see any numbers on these latch locks
  3. C

    Sundance Electric Water Heater Switch

    Hello All, Brand new to the forum and on my second Heartland travel trailer. We just sold our Wilderness 2475bh and just purchased a Sundance 291qb. We have three kids and the added space seems like it is going to be awesome! Here is my question: we can't seem to find the switch to turn on...
  4. W

    3300rlb outlet issues

    I bought the 2010 Sundance 3300rlb about 2 months ago. It was on its last leg but little by little I have transformed it into my permanent living place. Learning how to do everything to fix issues from here, YouTube, and Google. Now I'm stuck with an electrical outlet issue. My living room...
  5. O

    Kitchen table bed useless, supports wont hold table top

    We bought this 2016 sundance 221Rb trailer brand new and have had numerous issues from the black tank flush valve installed backwards, shower leaking out of the drain, LED patio lights half burnt out, rear cap not sealed and causing water damage, awning pulling off on ends, plus more. 4 years...
  6. A

    2010 Sundance 3300RLB rear slide issues

    hello! We recently(last wednesday) purchased a new to us Sundance. Our rear slide out metal track is catching the flooring and tearing it. I noticed there are what looks like adjustment brackets on the outside of the slide. Can we adjust the slide this way? Also, do we adjust it with the slide...
  7. P

    New Sundance owner

    Hi all, My partner and I have just purchased a new to us 2009 Heartland Sundance. We haven't even gotten it home yet since we didn't have a truck to pull it. The former owner is going to deliver the RV this week and we are beyond excited (and a little terrified). I have only used a pop-up...
  8. C

    Heartland recall....

    Heartland Recreational Vehicles is recalling certain 2018 Heartland Sundance XLT TT travel trailers. The vehicles may have been incorrectly equipped with Load Range C tires instead of Load Range D tires. Overloading the tires may result in tire failure, increasing the risk of a crash. Heartland...
  9. dreamer

    iRV34 Radio Problem

    I have a new Sundance. Problems with radio. How do I turn on the backlighting for the clock on when the clock/radio is turned off? I should be able to see the time even though the radio isn't going. The manual advice to reset the radio settings by pressing and holding the power button for 5...
  10. W

    2010 Heartland Sundance 3100ES For Sale, $19,900

    2010 Heartland Sundance 3100ES, DRASTIALLY REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE! $19,900 OR BEST OFFER. Here is a great turnkey fifth wheel loaded with extras and ready to go. Just add you clothes and food and you are ready to go! This is a NON-SMOKING unit!  Three slide outs  Sleeps 4 o Queen...
  11. M

    Potential Buyer Sundance 2880

    Hello, My husband and I are considering purchasing a Sundance 2880 and we would really like to see one in person before we start shopping seriously on the internet. We live in Northwestern Wyoming and the nearest deal with one in stock seems to be Butte, MT which is about 6 hours away. If...
  12. loganhughes

    Howdy, Everyone

    We recently purchased our gently used 2009 Heartland Sundance 3012 RE. We are still getting to know the our new (to us) acquisition. We've already enjoyed using the forum. More to come.
  13. D

    Considering Buying Sundance XLT - NEED ADVICE

    Hello all, I am new to the camper community, and as many of you know, the sheer number of fifth-wheel options is overwhelming to say the least. I have narrowed my search down to a unit I believe to be of high quality, but still reasonably priced. The Sundance XLT (pre-owned) is my top choice...
  14. M

    SD 3300QS Chateau Decor and New Graphics starting August 27,

    Please confirm the title/subject. I'd be happy to hear a confirmation by Heartland RV, Sundance division. I did not find ans. I ordered the SD3300QS w/ Chateau Decor and was told production would start end of August. I was also told by my salesman that I would get the new...
  15. Hastey

    Exterior Trim Around the Bulkhead Area

    There is trim on the outside that pops into the trim rail that seems to be there for nothing more than covering the screws. Twice now I've had to pull over and put this back in place. It gets cold and shrinks, I'll stretch it and put it back but its a PITA, especially when I have to pull over...
  16. J

    Need to pull new TV cable

    The TV cable in my 2900MK has a short in it. I removed the connectors on both ends (one behind the radio and the other in the ceiling below the TV antenna) and the short is still there. I suspect that the cable has been penetrated by a screw or staple. The 5th wheel is still under warranty, but...
  17. J

    Sofa Length / Sundance TT

    Looking at a Sundance SD TT 3200FK and the sofa seems longer in the brochure than the other models. What is the Length ?
  18. Dave

    Sundance Turn Signals

    Does someone have a wiring diagram on how to make a Sundance 3300SK camper bottom side lights sync up with the TV turning signal? Thanks for any assistance.
  19. R

    Sundance 3300RLB or Cougar 324RLB

    We are looking at both and would like your opinions on build quality. I will be towing with a Dodge MC 3500 SRW 4X4. Is the 1/2 bath a plus for a family of 4 on the Cougar? Anyone have regrets getting a loft? Is a 40 gal black water tank big enough on the Sundance?
  20. C

    observations on new sundance 2900mk

    Just returned from the shakedown cruise and thought I'd share it with the forum. First off, the decor (saddle/cherry wood) is beautifully coordinated! Better than expected! Floor,cabinets,trim,upholstery,countertops all blend and complement each other. This is NOT your ancient aunt's look! :D...
  21. J

    #2 Sundance RBH and My hunting rig in tandem

    Here Is our 32.5 RBH hooked up to my tow rig a 04 Dodge CR 5.9 Cummins with the optional 650hp package and built billit automatic transmission with my little hunting rig in a tag along. (86 Suzuki Sammi with a High Rack) Jared
  22. M

    Sundance Pin Box Bike Rack

    Hello, Does anyone have a pin box bike rack on a 2009 Sundance? I have a Short box truck with a auto slider hitch. I was concerned about clearance. I'm just tired of loading them inside the trailer. Thanks
  23. C

    having sundance delivered

    We are considering having our 2900mk delivered, since we decided driving on the frozen tundra might not be a good idea for us "not used to snow and ice drivers"! The drawbacks are not being able to identify possible major problems that could be fixed at the dealer before taking delivery... I...
  24. Nabo

    Sundance on I-40 in Tn

    Passed today a Sundance at MM 371 heading westbound on I-40 near the weight station. Happy travels :angel:.
  25. L

    2011 Sundance 3100ES

    Placed an order for 3100ES with Josh Garey at Gillettes RV If anyone has any Ideas on options let me know. Ordered it with the awnings over the slides and the double payne windows.:):):):) Cant Wait
  26. westxsrt10

    "Things you may want to address on your New Sundance

    There seem to be a few common issues that could be addressed on our new Sundances. I believe correcting these areas will signifcantly improve your RVing travels. 1. Mark front landing gear jacks just shy of the maximum extension and mininum retraction limits. Passing these limits is easy to do...
  27. Dave

    Sundance Roof

    How does one tell what type of material the roof a camper is made of, I have a 2009 Sundance 3300SK. Do I have to seal my roof annually? I clean it annually with a roof and preservative type cleaner, is this enough to provide protection and give me a troble free (if possible) roof? Thanks for...
  28. C

    Sundance 310QB question

    I have a 310QB and when I turned on my furnace I noticed it blew hard from the vent on the side of the dinette. It had a 3" or so duct running to it. The vent on the back of the other dinette seat barely blew. It had a smaller 2" - 2 1/2" duct. The bathroom had the bigger duct and blew so much...
  29. davebennington

    Landmarks and a sundance

    We are at Indian River just south of Virginia Beach with Kevin & Nellie for Thanksgiving. So thats 2 Landmarks, 1 other Landmarks here I have not met them yet, also a Sundance. I left a card and a rally notice in their door hope to see them tomorrow also. I guess we can call this a Heartland...
  30. rmchad

    Sundance 3300RLB (Loft) Bed Sizes?

    I am trying to find the sizes of sheets that work well for the (1) loft bed, (2) sofa air-bed, and (3) "queen" bed in the Sundance 3300RLB (the model with the loft in the back). I have not picked up the unit yet but while I am doing that my wife is shopping for items we need. If you know the...
  31. C

    Sundance 2011 Model Year Changes

    Does anyone know of the changes in the new 2011 Sundance 2900MK model?? I am having difficulty locating a 2011 brochure.
  32. rmchad

    New Sundance Owner -- Yeah

    Hi Everyone -- I have found much value in this forum over the last several months as my family has been considering a Heartland 5th-wheel -- thank you all. As of today, we are the happy owners of a Sundance 3300RLB. The floorplan works well for our family and I expect it will bring years of...
  33. imchud

    Sundance Train

    I read on one of the threads the other day about a Heartland 5er pulling a trailer, or they were parked in a lot someplace. Anyway, I was heading home from a business trip yesterday, traveling north on rt75 in Ohio when I saw a Sundance 5er pulling a (approx) 15/ft horse trailer, complete with...
  34. mlburst1

    New 2010 Sundance 2900MK

    We took delivery of our new Sundance 2900MK this past weekend. We stayed at Holiday Travel Park in Virginia Beach Saturday night and couldn't believe the space and luxury of three slides! A special word of appreciation to our dealer, Chesapeake RV Solutions and the owner Tim Loen, who went...
  35. N

    Sundance 3200RE purchase

    We are planning to purchase a Sundance 2010 3200RE. I am interested in how owners with this model feel about its dependability and quality. So many Sundance owners seem to be having problems with their units that I am wondering if this purchase is wise. We currently own a Sundance travel trailer...
  36. J

    2008 Sundance, No power to plugs.

    Have an electrial problem, lost power to the awning plug out side and then 2 plugs at the enterance, have checked C B good power on the out side, any idea where the wires are connected, have checked under counter. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks JD
  37. C

    Wiring Harness Strap on 2007 Sundance

    I have a 2007 Sundance 5th Wheel and have had problem with the Plastic straps that go from the frame to the outside if the slide outs on each side breaking. This is especially true for the right side forward motion. These straps are to keep the wiring harness from rubbing on the tires. Any...
  38. H

    Sundance 3300RLB

    We looked at a Sundance 3300RLB over the weekend, really nice layout and the finish was execllent. We were however diapponited with the headroom heigh in the front bedroom. Also the shower in the bathroom seemed a little low also. How do cuurent owners like theirs?
  39. T

    2010 Sundance 2900MK

    Just took our new 2010 Sundance 2900MK on her maiden vogage to Lake Tahoe this past weekend. What an upgrade from our old KZ Frontier 25' with one slide. What a luxury to have the three slides and to be able to walk around the bed! I work in Maintenance for a large cereal manufacturer and my...
  40. L

    Sundance Westbound I-80 Des Moines

    Saw several 5th wheelers, motorhome, and travel trailers heading west on the 9th. Judging by the age of the drivers they appear to be snowbirds heading out.