Kitchen table bed useless, supports wont hold table top

We bought this 2016 sundance 221Rb trailer brand new and have had numerous issues from the black tank flush valve installed backwards, shower leaking out of the drain, LED patio lights half burnt out, rear cap not sealed and causing water damage, awning pulling off on ends, plus more. 4 years later we finally tried out the kitchen table bed for our grandkids. Its unusable as built. There are no short table legs to support the table top when lowered. All it has are narrow edge supports and a piece of velcro to hold it in place! The edge supports aren't long enough so if you sit on the edge of the bed the table top flips up and caused an edge support to break!!
luckily we had a storage bin that fit under the table to hold it up for the trip. Has anyone else had this issue? Or ideas how to fix? I contacted Heartland and they said there are no short legs for that table and that was it.....