1. N

    Cyclone happijac bed platform

    I would like to turn the two sofas on the bottom of our happijac system into another bed platform. I know I have seen others that have done this in photos and wondering if anyone has a template or something they used to build the platform that would attach to the 4 brackets that holds the sofas...
  2. M

    Bed Tilt Not Working

    Has anyone with a bed tilt system had issues with the system stopping working? We have a new 2021 cyclone 4006 we got last summer. We’ve had issues from the start getting the slide to move in and out once we lift the bed. We have to press into it to engage what I think is the sensor. However...
  3. B

    Two small bedroom mods

    These are in a 2015 4200 Cyclone Toy Hauler but likely apply to just about any RV. Closet pole: When we added a reasonable selection of clothes to the pole it fell down! I added slightly larger screws to hold the end pieces and machine screws/jam nuts/ fender washers to the support brackets...
  4. O

    Kitchen table bed useless, supports wont hold table top

    We bought this 2016 sundance 221Rb trailer brand new and have had numerous issues from the black tank flush valve installed backwards, shower leaking out of the drain, LED patio lights half burnt out, rear cap not sealed and causing water damage, awning pulling off on ends, plus more. 4 years...
  5. A

    M312 Dinette to Bed Conversion

    Hey all! So we just purchased our Mallard M312 a few months ago and I need some help regarding the dinette bed conversion. We have the U shaped dinette and I can not figure out how to make this thing into a bed. I can't find anything that says how to do it correctly and our dealership is...
  6. M

    Weight rating for beds in toy hauler garage

    What is the weight rating on the queen upper and lower beds in the garage of the Cyclone 4150? My son said 300 lbs. How many couples in this world together weigh less than 300 pounds? Average weight of men in US is 175-210 and women is 140 to 170....That would be weight combined 315 to...
  7. S

    22RBK Dinette - Bed?

    How do, or DOES the dinette convert to a bed? The table doesn't seem to fit, plus there is only a support for only the backside.
  8. O

    BC 3900 FLP - Bed Lift Linear Actuators

    We decided to turn part of our under bed storage into a cat box to free up space from our closet. As a result, we'd need to get under the bed often to freshen up the box and with a couple of memory foam toppers, bedding and pillows it was getting heavy. Enter linear actuators, a car entry remote...
  9. K

    Unsupported foot of mattress?

    We are wondering why the foot end of the mattress overhangs the bed base, so about 10" is unsupported. Is there a reason for this?
  10. TXBobcat

    Super Bag..

    We were visiting a couple in a MH the other day. While there they showed us around their MH. In the bedroom there was what appeared to be a large sleeping bag on the bed. It was had a zipper completely around 3 sides. The top part was thiner than the bottom part. On the inside was a sheet that...
  11. htneighbors

    Bed Board Tiles

    6-pack Tecate ................................................$7.50 :D 35 sq ft, peel & stick tiles @ $0.29 ea.................$10.15 :) Make the bed with ease................................Priceless! :cool: