Cyclone 3812 with table and chairs


Anyone have a Cyclone 3812 with table and chairs?

Especially with the Sand Dune interior.

If so do you have any pictures handy?


We had a 3010 for one month before we bumped it up against a tree. The dent looked small but it was really $53,000.00 in damage. We were floored! The unit was written off and we just today upgraded to a 3812, with table and chairs, and love it. We find it much better than the 3010, although we truly loved the 3010. But the 3812 has a LOT more room and there is a nicer bedroom, too, with lots more room to walk round the bed. For just 2 people the 3010 was fine. But we often had more than two peopl and it was cramped. The 3812 fixes this really nicely.



I don't have a picture handy but I can get one in a few days. Our 3812 is out getting some solar panels put on it. I'll take some pics when I get it back.