1. M

    Bed Tilt Not Working

    Has anyone with a bed tilt system had issues with the system stopping working? We have a new 2021 cyclone 4006 we got last summer. We’ve had issues from the start getting the slide to move in and out once we lift the bed. We have to press into it to engage what I think is the sensor. However...
  2. H

    Ramp Door failure: Anyone replace with MORryde Zero-Gravity Ramp Door

    I've read several treads on Lippert Ramp Door failures caused by water infiltration due to the lack of sealing. From those posts when your unit is out of warranty it is obvious that Heartland and Lippert were of little to no help in resolving those failures. My 2015 Cyclone 4200 ramp has become...
  3. D

    Cyclone 4100 Reclining/Massaging Loveseat

    The cyclone 4100 comes with a side love seat. As it’s just myself and my dog, I very seldom use the spot. Also - as a “full-timer” that’s valuable space that I could do other things with. Accepting offers to purchase the very very very seldom used, fully functional, massaging, reclining, “sage”...
  4. A

    Replacing screen in the lower portion of back toyhauler door.

    We just brought home a 2015 cyclone 3110, from a private sale. We didn’t notice during the walk through the missing screen. How do they fit into the door? Gasket? Also the sliding screen door between living space and garage doesn’t slide very well, any helpful hints. Very excited to use next...
  5. R

    Rear Hitch Receiver for 2016 Cyclone 4250

    Im wanting to add a rear hitch receiver for bike carrier to my 2016 cyclone 4250 . Looking for something factory made. Anyone found anything for the 4250 ?
  6. I

    Dangerous Electrical Issue - Cyclone 5th Wheel RV

    On a recent 2,500 mile trip between Chicago and Ft Myers, FL we ran into a problem with our running lights not working on half the carriage. Two days of troubleshoot and repair as a result of a electrical short at a steel cross member penetration. As a mechanical engineer I understand product...
  7. KJcyclone

    Satellite ports in a 2017 Cyclone 4150

    Hello! I am new to the Heartland world and am in dire need of help. I have a Dish tailgater and am trying to get it hooked up to the rig, but there are four coax ports (not including CATV) and I have no idea which connects to the living room entertainment center. Could someone please help? I...
  8. C

    2014 Heartland Cyclone 3110 Toy Hauler 5th Wheel - SOLD

    Selling like new 2014 Heartland Cyclone 3110 Toy Hauler 5th Wheel loaded with many upgrades. Photos available here. Everything works great. My needs and requirements have changed so I need to sell. Pink Slip in hand. Never been in any...
  9. Why_Not

    New Owners (And Members)

    Hello All, We are Tony and Robin and we just joined the Forum. We used the handle Why_Not because remember: "Tony" backwards is "y-not"! After researching RVs and even tiny homes for the last 2 years, we are about to take delivery of a 2018 Heartland Cyclone 4200. We recently made the...
  10. B

    AV Jacks in Toy Hauler

    HELP! I am at a loss on how to make the tv work with anything other than a DVD player. Where are the av jacks originating from? I connected them to the tv and nothing I get no signal. We have a winegard pathway x2 can someone help me with this? I am at a complete loss.
  11. A

    Just ordered the 3600, new floorplan this year, what issues can I expect?

    Hey Cyclone owners! I have just today ordered the 3600 model. Dealer says it will be ready in 6 to 7 weeks so I am trying to learn as much as I can before I drive 800 miles to pick it up. I have found the PDI checklist and will definitely be using it. I would like to hear other 3600 owners...
  12. C

    Tires in Texas...

    Hi Folks, thanks in advance for the help. I am making a run to San Antonio Texas from Iowa to pick up a 2007 Cyclone 4012. Sorry I just couldn't swallow the pill for a new one. I will be picking it up on Monday Feb 13. It looks like they come with a tire that is "maybe a little suspect" and a...
  13. C

    Cyclone 4005 Washer Dryer

    I am dying to see a new 4005, does anybody know who has one or when HL will upload anything more than the 3D tour to their website? My only hangup is the Washer Dryer location, does anyone know if there is a hookup in the garage? We full-time, and laundry is a big part of our existence...
  14. Z

    Honda Pioneer 1000-5 in a 2016 Cyclone 4200

    Wonder if anyone has been successful in getting a Honda Pioneer 1000-5 in the back of a 4200 Cyclone? I am thinking I am going to have to move the toilet in the bathroom and rebuild the wall to accommodate. Also, concerned about the sink height if I pull it in frontwards. Any help would be...
  15. D

    Atwood Hot Water Heater - Cyclone 4150

    Hi guys! My first post in here but definitely not my last. Unable to get pictures right now but going to attempt to explain this to the best of my ability.... For Gas - Looks like the thermostat on my water heater has been either stolen or never installed by my dealer. Is this required to...
  16. K

    2011 Cyclone 3950 Hydraulic Landing Gear

    We just recently became part of the toy hauler family. This weekend was our first trip out with the new trailer for us, and has not been very fun. Our hydraulic went down ok and then we tried to get it off the truck it stopped working. Now our truck and trailer are connected with the landing...
  17. Erika

    Can weight put on pin provide trailer axle cargo weight leeway?

    I'm a new Cyclone owner, full-timing and about to make my first big move and now realizing that, after add-ons such as additional air conditioner, bigger refrigerator, dual panes, etc., the rig weighs 1400 lbs more than the base model. This means that I am that much closer to my GVWR and now am...
  18. C

    Cyclone 4200 - Canadian Arctic Package

    2 switches under control panel. 1 is black and is labeled "yeti package". The other one is a light switch that lights up red. From my review on this forum, 1 heats up the tanks and the other heats up the water lines. Do you know which one does which? Thanks.
  19. P

    Cyclone 4018 Towing

    I am purchasing a 2014 Cyclone 4018 for my business and am wondering what the best two vehicle would be and what owners have actually used to tow it. The cargo weight will be about 2000#. Thank you in advance for any advice you can provide.
  20. R

    2008 Cyclone 4012 control slides individually

    Hello. I have a 2008 Cyclone 4012 triple slide. It is a PITA to control the slides. If I want to open all the slides, no problem, I press the button and out go the slides. However, if I am parked in front of my house and want to only open the curb side slide then I have to open up the...
  21. Al101

    New 2014 Cyclone 3100 Owner with Leaking Questions

    Hi there, I'm brand new to this forum, and the internet in general, hopefully I'll get some input here. My question is, has anyone experienced water or rain leaks into the front bedroom on carpet and storage area under slide with slide open? The unit is at the dealer now, and no progress has...
  22. S

    Gel Coat Cracking with Decals

    I have several decals cracking on my 2010 Cyclone, and when I began removing them I could see that the gel coat underneath is cracked in the same formation. Actually it looks as if the gel coat has shrank with the decals and left valleys where the decals have separated. I have had and seen...
  23. S

    Dallas Area 3110 Cyclone to see

    My husband and I are very interested in a Cyclone 3110. However, all we have seen of one is pictures. We would love to just walk through one to make our final decision so that we can place out order for one. Is there anyone in the Dallas area that has a 3110 and would be willing for us to...
  24. R

    2008 Cyclone - where is the fuel filter for Onan generator

    Hello. New owner. First post. Please forgive me if I posted to the wrong area. I just bought a used 2008 Heartland Cyclone (40 foot triple axle, triple slide). The generator ran perfect for about an hour. Then it started sputtering and will not stay running now. Maybe I had run it too low...
  25. N

    New 3814 owner, would love to hear from others

    Hello folks; We just purchased a 2011 cyclone 3814, wondering if there are any other 3814 owners on the forum. I would be interested in hearing any suggestions before our maiden voyage to San Diego. We were longtime owners of a Safari diesel pusher, and know the coach's vibrate and it's common...
  26. sdwelling

    Trying to remove TV from mount 2012 Cyclone 4014

    Hi Folks, Just took delivery of a new 2012 Cyclone 4014 on Saturday and was trying out the DVD player, so my 4 year old could watch, as I fiddled-around. Lo and behold, no picture after running through all of the TV inputs, but the audio was working fine through the stereo.. I can fix this...
  27. sbryan

    New to us 2011 3795 Cyclone

    First post and a newbie to big rig trailers (towed big horse trailers with 4 stalls and dressing rooms but nothing like this rig. Long story short, original owner of this rig is selling out. He has been meticulous with his maintenance and I have spoken with the dealer where he bought it and who...
  28. Nitehawk79

    Cyclone 4100 Delivery

    On Friday the 12th showed up at the dealer (Big Daddy RVS) to inspect and purchase a Cyclone 4100 that I had put a deposit on. I showed up bright and early armed with my check list, ladder, flashlight, and tools. The unit was inside, had water and power connected, and had all the lights on...
  29. T

    2008 Cyclone 4012 Buying Advice

    I am negotiating on a 2008 Cyclone 4012. It is at a car dealership who took it in on trade. They have it listed for around 35K but made me an offer of 29.5K. That seemed like a pretty fair price. That's below NADA's low retail. I accepted the offer with the contingency of having it inspected at...
  30. K

    Longview,TX-Canton,oh. Concerned about bridges with no height clearance signs.

    Upon traveling here I noticed bridges with no signs, which concerns me. I plan on taking nothing but interstate if i can. Anything i can do to avoid low bridges. Im traveling with a 2013 cyclone 4100 with a height of 13'3". Is there a law that states why they dont have signs ?
  31. S

    2013 Cyclone- Red and Black paint scheme.

    I believe its new to the cyclone for this year but I could be mistaken. I fell in love with the Cyclone 3800 red and black color scheme and was wondering if anyone has had any problems with paint fade. Is it hotter in the sun or does the insulation make it un-noticeable. Or are there any other...
  32. M

    1st Time Winterizing 2008 Cyclone...need a little help

    Hi all! Thanks in advance for taking time to help me out. We bought a used 2008 Cyclone 4012 this last spring, and we need to winterize for the super cold Alaskan interior winter. :p I am having trouble locating and accessing the water pump. I am beginning to to think it's downstairs...does...

    Cyclone vs Road Warrior

    Hello Esteemed Panel of Peers, What is the main difference (1 maybe 2) between the Cyclone Product and Road Warrior? I was eyeballing the King 4100 pretty hard and then decided after going to the Iowa State Fair (ISF) that I liked the CY 3712 CK for two reasons. One the sleeping arrangement...
  34. B

    Level up system raises wheels off the ground when level.

    New to the MY13 Cyclone 3800. Love the leveling system but when it finds level the wheels are all off the ground. Literature says to not do that. Anybody have that happen? Will the reset zero process take care of that? Seems like the the linear potentiometers in each jack have the wrong set...
  35. W

    Jensen Stereo Outdoors/Indoors

    I currently have a 2009 Cyclone 3950 and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to turn the outdoor speakers off while leaving the indoor on and vice-versa. -Thanks
  36. P

    Need advice on how to work with Heartland on issue

    Anyone have advice as how to handle my dealings to come with Heartland. I have a 2010 Cyclone 3950. I lost the third axle on my first trip. **** thing just fell off while going down the highway (no body hurt thank God). It caused thousands of dollars in damage but it was all covered by the...
  37. DW_Gray

    Cyclone and Amy Featured on

    The new website debuted today. Scroll down about two thirds and you'll see our Cyclone and Amy. I took this picture at the national rally in Goshen, IN this year.
  38. W

    Cyclone 3010 Inverter Installation

    I recently finished installing additional batteries in my Cyclone 3010 (see thread // I have now begun installing an inverter. I chose a Magnum MS2012. I had initially thought to use a Xantrex ProSine 1800 inverter, as...
  39. B

    Cyclone 3795 schematics

    We just bought a Cyclone 3795 toyhauler and have taken it out once, love it, but we bought it used and have only found the owners manual. We are trying to find the schematics for the trailer, like where is the water holding tank located, things that are not in the owners manual. We need to fix a...
  40. DW_Gray

    Oh! Look! Look!

    Amy says; "what?" "what?," as she twists her head left to right trying to figure out where I'm pointing. "Over there, it's a Cyclone!" I can't help it, I always get excited when I see another Cyclone. As we arrived back to the Vandenberg AFB FamCamp tonight there was the new beautiful...