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Just washed the new Sundance 2998RB Sunday to get the delivery slime off. Also, got to poke around inside a little, but the weather here isn't cooperating.

2 questions:

1. We ordered the free standing dinette. The table was screwed to the floor, I assume for shipping purposes. After unscrewing the table and turning it around so I could use the table extension, I began to wonder, should the table stay screwed to the floor to prevent a big bump from causing the table to break the window? Opinions?

2. Also, am I missing something on the bedroom speakers and outside? I assume the A, B, C selector on the Jensen radio is how I choose which speakers are on. I only get sound in the living room. Am I missing something, or is this an issue that will need to be addressed?

Thanks for any tips or advice. I'm sure I will have more!


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I believe the tale should stay screwed to the floor as it will tend to move and possibly rub up against the wall/window etc.

As for the speakers, there are a pair of switches in the bedroom next to the light switch that turn on/off the speakers in our Bighorn.

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Congratulations on your new rig and welcome to the forum. As for your table, yes it probably would be best to leave it screwed to the floor. Who knows where it could wind up after a long journey.

As for your speakers, you may have to do some in-depth investigation. Some models have on-off switch in the bedroom fo the speakers. They look just like light switches. There maybe some other switches in the closet for the outside speakers.

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DMAX, yes you should leave it screwed down. Pat and I unscrewed our's but made straps like the chairs have for traveling. We hooked the straps to the chair hook's in the floor. Cross strap them across the table. Ours has never moved. You can get the straps and clips at hardware stores to match what you have for the chairs. Bob:D
Nonemake sure that your cd speaker consule is set to Aux. Then if you are using Direct TV, you have to have a audio ouput cord. The cord plugs into the Aux A/V input. Not sure if this helps you our not. This will allow you to use all three speaker.


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We must not drive as fast as you'all. :) We unscrewed the table when we brought it home last year and it's never moved so much as an inch. Granted, in a panic stop it might move, but so will most of what's inside. We do strap down the recliners with a towel between them, but that's just to keep them from rubbing and banging together. Don't strap the dining chairs either. We like to live dangerously:D

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When we got our Landmark, Feb 2005, none of our furniture came screwed down or strapped down. We have traveled thousands of miles, 25,000 plus, and have never had a problem with movement. I do drive between 55 and 60 mph sometimes a little more depending on the situation but can't wait to slow down again, just too much to see.