Service and warranties


Hello all new to the site...
I am looking to find out a better way to get warranty items taken care of.

We bought a 2019 4115 cyclone may 23rd of 2019. My wife went to do the walk threw on may 28th of 2019. She was presented the wrong camper from the dealer. The dealer insisted to her this was the camper she picked out. Which it was not. On our part my wife took a picture of the vin modle number and location the camper she picked out was on the dealers lot.
After hours of negotiations. The dealer agreed to get is the camper we originally picked out.
My wife went back jun 3rd of 2019 to do the walk threw on the correct 4115 that we had purchased.
There was a laundry list of items to be fixed or corrected on the walk threw. Which none of them were taken care of apon delivery. Yes they dealer delivered it to our house.. my wife was on the phone immediately with warranty and the dealer.
This is what the dealer and warranty told her...
Most people wait a few months to go threw everything and then send it in for warranty isues...

This is not our isue... our list is the following... now 4 items have ben added sense our original purchase and delivery date... as follows

Side finders are not braced and attached screws missing
Rear garage side door swells shut during hot days
Rear awning exstremly dented apon delivery
Water leaks from gutter down the side of the camper into the outside cooler and tv compartment... surrounding mdf material is waterlogged and pealing

Front slide out bottom is rotten... and bottom is soft.
Added april 2020
Large livingroom slide rotten floor underneath fridge is saging in floor .. added april 2020

Led light strip over main slide out is not inside it is under the seal and has ben pulled to the outside of the camper..

Cargo door between kitchen and garage is out of square
1 1/2 " and will bot stay shut
A screw from same door frame is protruding threw the outside of the camper on driver side

Screw in bottom of slide out that has torn our linoleum in the kitchen floor
Awning lights do not work
Front slide out seal is not attached far left hand side.. it is just hanging there

Paper seam take pealing day of purchase
Kitchen table is not anchored or secure... moves 2" left to right
Shower skylight is covered by roof material so its not a sky light
Football size bubbles in the roof material
Anderson valve leaks and fills tanks on city water / yes I have always ran a presure regulator

All sinks and water lines leak... it was never presure tested
Belly tanks do not have fittings on hoses so tanks leak into the belly of the camper which has caused the under skirt to fall on the ground...
When this happened was November 1st of 2019 ... dealer sent a serves tec to look at it... I had to pin it back up

Bunk lader for hide away bunk is broken no glue no pins to hold it in place...
Rear toilet is not secure
Drop down cargo door leaks all the way around it is warped has leaked sense day 1
Sliding screen doors screen is torn and plastic on same doors

Inside lights do not work... we have no idea what switch is what and no lights in living room
Crack in side of camper from the top if the main slide into the roof line.. major isue added april 2020
Bathroom lights do not work... no power to lights

Hydrolic Jack's will not gold presure... 3 days and I have to put fluid in... leaks into belly
Shower has screw holes in top that no screws are in and no trim

Rear lader to get on foot has 4 screws in it... not 10 that its drilled for

Rear stop lamps have no screws there caulked on...
Side compartment door under bench seat leaks and rain water comes across living room floor...

Main ac in living room dose not cool... fan runs but no ac...
Trim has fallen down threwout the camper...

Hearland has had this list sense june of 2019...
Rv outlet usa which we hade purchased the camper has told us to deal with hearland... by email... which we have kept...
Hartland then proceeded to get us to take it to camping world... which we did
7 days and we recived a call to come pick it up..
So I arrived at 430pm on a friday may the 8th 2020

Walked threw the camper nothing was done. In fact our kitchen table was disassembled and laying on the bench seat.
The service person I was working with was not working that day and the manager was not in...

Now this has ben a year of trying to get this fixed... we have ben told hearland is working on it.. 8 times now... I feel we have ben exstremly patient... to get this fixed and we are now over 1 year.. but hearland has told us that everything was documented... we can not get anyone to fix it... we live in it part time for work in sc and cannot go without it for months on end... but we also have no responses from heartland.... in the past month...

What would someone else do in this situation... if anyone has advice for this...

And I I will say this ... everyone we have talked to at heartland has ben supper nice... and great... but nothing is being done to fix the isues of a 70k+ camper

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