Speaker Upgrade on a Budget

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My second big mod on my 22crb Northtrail

The outside external mount speakers were blown after my Jensen Head Unit Install, I managed to find some Pyle Low Profile Marine Speakers low profile; at the time I didn’t know the depth of the exterior wall; it’s about 1.75”.

Speakers required a cutout hole of 5.31”, I purchased a hole saw with arbor of 5 5/16 around 5.315”, which turned out to be perfect. I test fit a hole in a cardboard box.

Now for the fun part, remove exterior speakers, clean up old caulk, and line up the hole saw with the outline of the old screws that held the external speakers on. Push wiring inside hole, Start hole saw through outer fiberglass and then remove center arbor bit and core out styrofoam to depth of hole saw. Use putty knife to scoop out styrofoam from interior fiberglass wall. Due to how the speaker terminals are mounted I had to remove a small amount of styrofoam from the bottom of the hole as well.

Align Foam gasket and speaker, use automatic center punch to mark screw holes and pre drill 1/8” holes to reuse factory mounting screws. Attach wires and secure speakers to outside wall using factory hardware hand tighten only; the screws are in an 1/16” thick fiberglass wall.

Repeat for other speaker; caulk or silicone around outside of speaker to weatherproof. The end result looks and sounds 100% Better.

Part number: PLMRS6B


Next Mod, replace Interior Furrion Speakers .

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I replaced mine too. After a very short period of time they just get destroyed by the exposure to weather. Be very sure they are sealed, any leaks will cause delamination.