Pedestal dinette table where to buy besides RecPro-they don't have them

Hi All, I have a 2012 Bighorn 3610 RE and it has the dinette table with 2 T shaped legs and a bar across underneath it. Soooo annoying as it takes up all of the foot room and makes vacuuming a real pain too. I have looked all of the place online and not found any like my friends 2014 Bighorn 3610 RE and I WANT ONE! LOL.

Can anyone help?

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For ease of vacuuming you can remove the screws that hold the table to the floor, if they have now already been removed. Just four screws.
Also a many people have removed the table completely and replaced it with a smaller version or a desk.
Plenty of options.
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We have the same table in our 2011 and early on changed how it was anchored to make it easier to get in and out. But then we decided to let it stand without anchors. Most recently we moved it to the rear corner of the slide and don't use it for dining at all.

Heartland changes furniture vendors and designs frequently. And their suppliers also make changes. The likelihood of finding the same table as your friend's 2014 is low. You might find one in an RV surplus store but it would be pure luck.

Next best choice is to search online furniture stores. Or if you're in the Elkhart area, go over to Shipshewana and check out the furniture stores.