Table and Plywood Storage

It would be nice if there was a good storage position for the table top. It's fairly heavy and I don't want it sliding around inside the unit. I don't want to just lay it on the floor, I'm afraid it will become scratched up.

My current solution is to put it on the bottom bunk and place the top mattress on it, but that is a pain.

Perhaps on the left side of the queen bed a system could be devised to secure the table to the wall. There would need to be some sort of non-slip/non-scratch pads put on the wall the table could rest against. Perhaps some kind of bungee system to secure the table in place.

There is the same problem with the piece of plywood used to covert the table area to a bed. Guess I'll throw it in the hold under the queen bed as we rarely use it.

Maybe you could kill two birds with one stone by eliminating the plywood piece and using the table top instead. This would enable the table top to be stored in 'bed' position during travel.

Don't forget somewhere to store the table legs.


If you have two pieces of wood about 8" long and the same size as the metal legs, then you can store the table top under the couch and it willl not get scratched. The table top will be in the same position as when it is in normal use except it is 2 feet lower and stored under the couch.
I hope this was helpful, it works for us.:angel:
Do you have an M22? From what you're saying is sounds like you've made some short table legs. The table stands on these legs just off of the floor? The table is close enough to the floor that the slide passes right over it?

I can't recall how much space is from the bottom edge of the slide to the floor. From my vague memory it doesn't seem like there was enough but I have never looked closely to see how much space there is. I'll drop by the unit tomorrow to see if this is feasible for my unit.
We store the plywood piece in the m22 under the top bunk mattress and never notice it's there. And we leave the table top flipped over on the seat of the u shaped dinette. We just tuck into the back corner of the seating and slide the edges under the seat back cushions. We put the legs under the queen bed at the front.


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We picked up a smaller plastic folding table, about 4 ft long, from Costco and have the original table and legs in the basement of our house. The folding table fits under the large centre cushion. This type of table moves out of the way when you are moving in and out of the eating area. You can take the table outside in the morning, place it under the electrical plug and make toast.