1. S

    Suggestions needed for storage drawers for 8 1/4” wide x 18” for narrow deep pantry shelves

    Interested in resource for 8 1/4” x 18” deep bins, ideally would slide, but not necessarily required. I’ve been looking online without success. Thank you for any suggestions! :confused:
  2. W

    Sagging storage compartment.

    My storage compartment is sagging. Had to put wood slates in to go home with supplies in storage. Feels like I only have rubber on the floor and it’s stretched. should there be lumber under the rubber? What’s the best way to check what’s going on. Frustrating to say the least. Update. Checked no...
  3. W

    Sliding trays for deep storage

    I just bought a 2021 Mallard M32 and am looking for ideas and examples of what people have done for sliding trays or drawers for deep storage areas inside their trailers. Specifically under the U shaped dinette seats. I'd like to use this area for pots, pans, small appliances and for dry food...
  4. J

    New owners from Michigan!

    Hi there! We are new to Heartland and new to RVing! We will be taking delivery of our new North Trail 22FBS next Tuesday and are excited to get started! This forum looks like it has just a wealth of information. We are open to learning anything and everything! Right now, we are curious about...
  5. I

    ski storage ideas

    Hey all, looking for any smart ideas you all may have about storing two pairs of snow skis. Anyone come up with a good place? I was hoping they might sneak in under my couch, that didn't work. They're also too long for the W/D closet. I think I'm left with the basement, any good ideas on a...
  6. Gulf_Coast_Girl

    Noob questions....

    Hello all, old school camper new to RVing and I have some questions. Here's the setup: I have a Prowler 285LX (Travel Trailer) and I plan on using it 1 to 2 times per month, year round. I live in Florida (up in the panhandle) and the trailer will be stored in my backyard when not in use...
  7. M

    interior cabinet use in Elkridge 34qrsl

    Just purchased and wondering how others use storage spaces to best advantage. I am especially interested in high cabinets in rear. I think I will need a stepstool to reach them so I am thinking that it will be for seldom used items. Also tall closet by entry seems to be for jackets but I am...
  8. badog62

    Propane tank storage...

    I just took possession of my Oakmont by Heartland and there are two large propane tanks forward of the pass thru storage. Why are these not under lock and key? Is it by design? A safety feature? It has a locking system inside the bay, but not on the door itself. thanks for any replies.
  9. S

    Storage Question

    Have new Cyclone 2105 HD edition TH I see a lot of motorhomes and trailers with a 110 power line going somewhere into their RV in our storage lot. What is this doing for them? Are they perhaps trickle charging the batteries? I have been turning the Battery Bypass switch so I don't drain the...
  10. C

    Bought a "new" North Trail built over a year ago.

    I recently took delivery of a 2014 Caliber North Trail 30RKDD. I discovered a sticker on the storage door saying it was built in Feb 2013. That means it sat outside for over a year. Never waxed, don't know if the tires ever rolled anywhere. Roof not treated. And, of course, a lot of rust...
  11. G

    Underbed Storage

    Do you wish you had more than the 3 or so inches of storage found under the bed? Well it really isn't very hard. Start by removing the mattress and then the deck. You will want help those are big pieces in a small space. Next remove the cover over two empty spaces and the hydraulics for the...
  12. DW_Gray

    RV Storage Bin Tips

    Full-timers especially carry more in their RV than most. Those plastic storage bins are fantastic. Well, that is if you know which bin has the blue scarf or cowboy boots you haven’t used since last year and you need it now. First size up the area you will be placing the storage bins. Based on...
  13. T

    New 3110 Lack of Kitchen cabinets and entry closet

    We just bought a Cyclone 3110, and have been placing things from our old camper into this new one. My old one was loaded with cabinets. The 3110 is very lacking in this area, however I dont think anymore could have been put in. We havent yet taken our first trip, but the layout seems to be...
  14. P

    Storing portable waste wagon

    If this is answered somewhere else, please let me know. My searches find nothing............. We have a rather large honey wagon; it's about 42 gallons. We empty gray water only. The good thing is that it only takes 2 trips to completely dump the gray tanks. The bad thing is that it takes a...
  15. M

    Barrier nets

    Has anyone installed barrier nets on the inside of their unit? We want to use the top of a pantry unit and the area on top of the microwave for storage, but need to contain items up there during transit. The nets would need to follow the contours of the pantry/microwave top and cover 5-6 1/2...
  16. P

    Trailer Cover

    Does anyone out there know if there is a cover available yet for the Heartland MPG series of trailers? Since I will be picking my new 181 up this coming Tuesday afternoon, that thought has popped into my mind, especially since I will be storing my trailer in an RV storage facility (outside). I...
  17. M

    Cyclone bedroom slide out mod to create more storage space

    I used to have a motorhome with underbed storage. When I got my Cyclone I was dissappointed that the bed was a plywood box with a mattress on it and no way to put anything inside or underneith. I am a fulltimer and always need more space.(Warning! I am a long time RVer with lots of experience in...
  18. D

    Winterizing Question

    This is my first winter with our Heartland RV - or any RV for that matter. I've winterized the water system and have put a cover over the RV. We live in Central IL, so it get's pretty cold. The RV is parked close the house, so I've had it plugged in and am wondering if it's o.k. to leave the...
  19. caissiel

    Bed modification to Queen and more under bed storage

    In the summer I was able to modify the King bed frame to fit our new Queen size bed. I narrowed the frame on one side by 12" and centered the bed frame on the center of the slide. While I had the frame appart I took the chance to lift the front of the bed by 1 1/2" so my head would be up...
  20. S

    Table and Plywood Storage

    It would be nice if there was a good storage position for the table top. It's fairly heavy and I don't want it sliding around inside the unit. I don't want to just lay it on the floor, I'm afraid it will become scratched up. My current solution is to put it on the bottom bunk and place the top...
  21. M

    Storage mod - under master bed

    Hey guys, Most of the mods I've done have already been published, but this is something I thought might be of interest... I know that some of you have already done extreme changes with the living room table area. I was not a fan of the kidney bean shaped tables that come with these 3010's...
  22. C

    cabinet doors swell during winter storage

    Well, I thought this year would be different, 3 Dry-zee airs in our 09-3055 BH. but sadly, no .The doors that touch each other in the kitchen & bedroom swell during the damp winter months. Then they bind. I have to tap the hinges out to fix the problem. The previous 5th's I had used a vertical...
  23. Dave


    I would like to add a storage box on the rear of my Sundance 3300SK. Does anyone have pictures showing how they have added such storage? Also, I need to replace the day-night shade in the hallway, where can I purchase a replacement shade? Thanks to all and be safe!
  24. B

    Storage Size????

    Are the basement and front storage areas the same on all the Bighorns no matter what model ? I know the Genny prep takes up space. A friend asked and I didn't have an answer. Thanks
  25. DougLynne

    Short Term Storage in San Diego Area

    My wife and I are tossing around the idea of traveling with our RV to San Diego for a conference we are interested in next Sept.(2010). We are then thinking of leaving our RV in short term storage and coming down later in Jan. to pick it up and spend the winter in warmer climates. Does anyone...
  26. rick_debbie_gallant

    step storage

    Just gained me some new storage space under the steps of my BH3670. All I had to do is remove 4 screws (two from each step) and put a piano hinge on the back side of each step and fasten it to the riser and presto more room to put stuff! Maybe even a safe could go in there with a hidden...
  27. 2010augusta

    LP Generator Maintenance and storage

    I was wondering the other night what others do as far as maintenance and storage for their LP generators? We were having electrical issues and had to start the generator for the first time in almost 6 months and it was 20 degrees outside. We had to cycle the primer/starter three times but the...
  28. M

    Longterm storage with Solar Panel?

    Hi, We have Solar Panels on our Sundance and they work great (thanks to some helpful hints from this forum). Now we are getting ready to store the 5th wheel for 7 months while we are sailing. Should we disconnect the solar panel and batteries or should we leave the whole thing connected. We...
  29. SilverRhino

    Wet Storage Area

    Got up this morning ........ went to take something out of the storage compartment and I had a wet floor! Set up outside Fredericksburg, TX for the next 10 days so I emptied the compartment and removed the basement wall panel........could not find a leak anywhere! Put a fan in the...
  30. Elder1

    Underbed storage in BC - shallower than expected

    Hi we take delivery of our new 3250ts this Friday and one thing we noticed was the under bed storage. The specs on the bed room state "Bedroom Slideout w/Underbed Storage" but when we looked there was about 2 to 3" under the bed and we are not sure what we are suposed to be able to store there...
  31. M

    Storage Compartment Door

    I would be great if the opening for the storage door was about 6 inches smaller lengthwise. This way the entrance door, when it is latched open would not be in the way of the storage compartment door when it needs to be opened. Thanks, Harvey
  32. JWalker

    Winter Storage - Stabilizers

    Unfortunately, it's winter storage time.:mad: (4-5 months)........ Leave the stabilizers up or down? Any opinions. Thanks Jamie
  33. T

    More kitchen pantry storage

    The 2900MK kitchen pantry cabinet in the newer models have two drawers instead of shelves in the lower cabinet. These are handy, but they are not very efficient. The drawers are 16" long and the cabinet is 24" deep. I looked at the interior of the cabinet and decided that if the drawers were as...
  34. C

    xtra storage

    for those of us having a 29RK Sundance with the outside trash container storge door - the compartment is way tall - so i screwed some 1x1's into wall for a shelf bracket, then cut the proper size piece of scrap paneling to make a "false floor" - now the trash can sits higher -up next to the...
  35. Cycloner3950

    Winter storage of LCD's

    Hi gang, a question from north of the it ok to leave the lcd tv's in place for the winter? Concerned about damage from freezing the units. Some mixed reviews on what to do, Jensen has no official recommendation. It is a bit of a chore to take the 32' out so just curious...
  36. O

    Outdoor storage and mothballs

    My "neighbor" in our outdoor storage lot has moth balls sprinkled around the gravel area under his travel trailer (poor's not a Heartland!!). My question...Does this help repell rodents? Or is this just wishful thinking?
  37. 05Winger

    Spirit Storage shelf

    I liked the idea of using the shelf above the closet for the storage of spirit beverages but did not want to fuss with the white spring loaded refrigerator bars. I added a spindle valance on hinges that allow it to swing open for access. I am going to add another shelf above the fridge and...
  38. B

    Sewer accessory storage door

    Well we took our 09 Landmark to the Alberta rally and parked it beside an 09 Bighorn with the same floorplan. While I was looking across at it realized that there was a small storage door near the sewer dump that I didn't have on ours. When I asked my fellow rallier what he stored in there I...
  39. JHutson

    Storage door suddenly closes

    we have took out new 245rl out twice and both times we were unloading and my wife just took something out of the storage area and the door come loose and hit her on the hand put a good bruz on it. This happend both times and I'm not going to rrepete what she said but it was something like...
  40. T

    Winter Storage and a few other questions.

    The land that I have to store my Bighorn 3385 RL for the winter is not level. My door side is about a foot higher than the other side. Will this cause any problems with the suspension or other parts of the RV? Should the trailer be stored with the rear jacks down, I am not sure if they will...