kitchen table splitting


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My kitchen table is splitting where the seam is glued together. What is going to be the fix for this? The camper is less than a year old but with the humidity dropping it has a split a little over 5 inches long where the boards are separating.

If the dealer is just going to have to glue it back and put a clamp on it then I am not going to waste my time taking the camper the 60 miles away to get to the dealer. If I will get a replacement table then I will just load the table up and take it.

I also have some other issues with my camper but I can fix them if I have the parts. I don't really want to drag my house to the dealer for something that can be fixed much cheaper by me if the parts are sent here.



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I am very suprised that it is seperating at a glue joint. If it were me, I would try to let it split a bit more, maybe even help it a bit and then reglue it and clamp it really good.



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I suggest you speak to Customer Service on this as well. 877-262-8032. I found in my current and my 2005 Landmark that the table, where the top is split so it can lift up to show the storage area, is always affected seasonally by humidity. Once I run heat for a while, the table settles down. Maybe it's just the nature of the wood. Not sure.

Yours sounds a lot different and an issue that needs repair.