Looking for custom table legs for a dinette that stay in place with slide in


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Custom table legs for a dinette that stay in place with slide in

Edit: Found - see post #4

I saw a posting on some other RV related forum with pictures and description on how a guy custom made table legs for his dinette that stayed in place while the slide was in. I can't for the life of me find the link again...hoping someone else might have seen it, or has done it.

Basically this is what it was: The base of the legs fit into the round in-floor table base holes, except instead of going straight up, the round base of each leg was chopped off and welded to something like 1/4 inch thick, maybe 4 inch wide metal, which came across a foot or so at floor level (so the slide would go over it), and then came up just far enough away from the dinette seat with the slide in, and then angled back a bit and the table was mounted on top in the same position it would have been with straight legs.
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It was in north trail mods

If you can not find it there. I will look for it in the next couple days and post it


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I'll keep looking, but I can't find it. Maybe it was here that I saw that.... The search on these forums doesn't seem to give higher priority for matching 2+ words rather than 1. I get a list of 500 results no matter what I search for.


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Thats it! Thanks for finding it :)

In my Edge there is not that carpeted bit in the middle of the table, so the part at the floor would have to be more flush with the floor I think, but I think it would be a good project for my trailer. I'll have to do some measuring...