Landmark Condition After 3 Years of Full Timing


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Even with it being on the GFCI, being less than 3 inches from an active source of water that can hit it, is not a great idea. Plus it was unusable with the shower stall.


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Three years of full timing in our Landmark and it’s held up great--I think it’s better than new due to lots of modifications and upgrades. We’ve had to make a few repairs, most of which happened in the first year. Some of the repairs caused frustration at the time, but when I look back on it, most were minor. Here is what was repaired, improved and modified on our three year journey.

-Shower door frame resealed due to water leakage
-Closet rods needed repositioning so doors would close with clothes hanging
-Shocks replaced with Bilsteins—OEMs were ineffective
-Wheel bearings and races replaced—two bad from factory
-Kitchen faucet replaced—OEM had extremely low pressure
-Overhead cabinet door hinges repaired—several popped out
-Awning Motors replaced under warranty—they quit working (Dometic recall)
-Heater hose for belly heat kinked—caused water lines to freeze first winter (no damage)
-Kitchen cabinet drawer repaired—bottom fell out
-Bathroom vanity mirror fell off cabinet—local glass shop fixed.
-A/C vents missing filters—Heartland did not have any—found on Ebay
-Entrance lock broke internally—Heartland sent replacement—installed RVLock
-Sink Drains needed tightening
-Desk top needed additional support—installed
-Shackles and hanger bolts—several needed additional torque
-Back flow preventer leaking—installed upgraded Watts valve
-Thetford toilet would not seal—replaced with Dometic 310
-MCD blinds—broken spring, springs lost tension—repaired (MCD reps were helpful)
-Bedroom faucet replaced—we broke the OEM handle
-High pressure propane regulator starting leaking—replaced with upgraded that has a gage
-I think I have one window that has lost its seal between the glass layers--may have to be replaced.

-Tires and Rims upgraded to Continental 235/75R 17.5 HTL2 Eco Plus
-Shower wand hose replaced with a longer one to help in bathing dogs
-Shower head replaced with a Waterpik
-Shower wand holder screws replaced with stainless steel ones—OEMs rusting
-Flooring replaced (carpet and vinyl) with Kardeen
-King Pin replaced with FlexAir (love it)
-Water pump replaced due to excess noise from OEM
-Cooktop and oven removed and installed induction cooktop (countersunk and hardwired in); turned oven area into a cabinet
-Residential fridge installed
-Couch removed—installed counter height dining table and chairs and put up wainscot in that area
-Maxi Air vent covers installed
-Valences re-covered
-Removed Dinette and installed residential desk
-Mirror (full length) installed in sliding hall door
-Aluminum propane tanks added (a lot lighter to lift)
-Rear hitch removed—eliminated extra weight for item not used
-Water shut-off valves installed on all water lines
-Fire extinguishers added and replaced with non-toxic all class type (Fire Gone)
-All holes, slits, gaps sealed in frame area to prevent insect, rodent, and weather intrusion
-Eterna bond taped caps and edges for preventive measure
-New mattress—love it
-Pull-webbing added to bed frame storage access to ease in lifting
-Led bulbs to replace the few standard ones we had
-Kitchen island painted
-Recliners replaced with theater type seating
-Water filtration (whole-house and additional drinking water filtration down to 0.2 microns with VOC removal) and water softener (On the Go) added
-Replaced headboard
-RV Locks added to baggage doors
-Water manifold added to ease in black tank flushing and add additional water outlet (looks like a steampunk addition)
-Tool and chemical storage areas added to the battery compartment and basement areas
-Entrance handrail replaced with the Stromberg stainless steel long handle
-Entrance steps replaced with the new MorRyde flip down type
-Sewer hold tubes installed on frame (8” PVC with aluminum conduit caps and gutter trays)
-Touched up frame with rust preventive and paint
-Future mod is to rewire trailer plug wire into a proper junction box and add an aircraft style toggle switch that turns on all trailer lights like I’ve seen done on the 365 mod thread.
-General maintenance such as wash, wax, resealing, generator oil changes, anode changes, bearing repacks, brakes adjustments, torques, paint touch-ups, etc.
Could you post a pic of the water manifold ..?