Large rocker light switch removal

Hello all,

I'm new to the group, just picked up a 2013 415rw, I have many questions, but my first one is about these large rocker light switches. How do I remove them. They are for the halogen puck lights in the kitchen, the main living slide and bedroom slide. Kitchen and living room don't work but the bulbs look good. Was just wondering if there an easy way to access the wiring behind these things.

Thanks so much.


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Did you check the fuses for the lights? Our popped off with a flat tip screwdriver, the cover came off then there was 2 screws holding it in place.
Thanks David,

Yeah I pulled the fuse, red LED lit up and the fuse looked good.
I'll try popping off the light switch and seeing if it has power. Is there anything in those puck lights that can wrong?



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In the slide there is a chance a wire came loose. Look on the underbelly of the slide for any junction boxes and make sure there are not any loose connections. Also I know you said the fuse "looked good" but check it with a multimeter to make sure.


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Squeeze the center of the sides of the rocker to remove it. You might have to use a small screwdriver.
Then you can remove the switch.



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Thank you Dave.

I got the switch apart and there is no power going to it.
I do see an electrical junction box attached to the lower right corner of the slide wall, but I can't figure out how to get to it. I have the setup with 3 recliners in the middle and a seat with storage to the right. There is a wooden support for the seat that I may be able to cut out, and then I could wiggle my way under the seat to the junction box.

I also tested the puck light switch in my kitchen slide and it has no power either.
Is it common for the wiring in these slides to come lose or become damaged?

I also had a problem with the main light switch that controls the 5 lights in the living area. It's a small rocker switch on the main control board. It felt warm to the touch and when I removed the wiring panel to check, the wire was so hot it actually melted off the switch.

The switch seemed a little lose or warn out when I turned it on and off. So maybe it was just a short that was arcing.

The bulbs in the RV are currently all incandescent or halogen, I will be replacing to LED, and replacing the cheap rocker switches. Any other tips would be very appreciated.