leak on the right slide out on 2016 big horn 3160 today....agony


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see pics. we have water on the carpet in the corner under the dinette set. the seals seem to be OK on the side and top of the slide-out. there was standing water on the top of the slide-out. hung a tarp over the top of the slide-out. seems to minimize or eliminate more leaks..... could the slide-out roof need to be repaired? no ceiling damage in this area or elsewhere...


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I would go out in the rain and watch where the water is running off, or in your case not. These rigs are set up to shed water via gravity. If your slide out has irregularity thats is not letting water run off, it will find a way to drip off thru the path of least resistance. Tops of slide are angled to allow water to run off away from the coach, maybe you have an issue?


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I have dining room floor rot as well not really sure where the water got in and could have started at the top of the roof line rot there.


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